Why no "Republic fleet" missiles?

An idea that came to me quite a while ago and made sense in a lore perspective, why the republic fleet didn’t came up with its own missile designs? With missile based ships in every hull size and tech under capitals, forcing minmatar ships to use caldari navy missiles, thus fueling one of his enemy, seemed strange to say the least.

Now, with no less than 14 hulls with strong or sole missile builds it feels like the sympathizers of minmatar designs, TLF members, freedom fighters have more than enough options to justify the development of missiles they can buy aginst their “loyalty points”.

To point a strange inconsistency, from my point of view, the caldaris have only 12 hulls with bonus to hybrid, yet they have their Caldari Navy hybrid charges, they can fuel their weapons only from their LPs stores.
Amarrs only have 6 purposedly designed missile-boats but can buy faction ammunitions from allies, Gallentes have T2 drones and their own hybrid charges.

It only feels, to me, like justice to give the republic fleet its own faction missiles.
This change could even go along with another change: ships with bonuses towards hybrids or missiles only apply it to their corresponding faction charges. No bonus to rep fleet missiles on Caracals, no bonus to fed navy charges for Moas…

Im eager to know the thoughts of the community, and CCP about this simple idea, what could be the issues with it? (already weak caldari navy LP store, other?)

On one hand, I completely agree with you, Minmatar should be able to craft their own missiles.
On the other hand, we already have a quite significant redundancy in the ammo market. Blood and Sansha crystals are the same, Serpentis and Guristas charges are the same, Caldari and Federal charges are the same… the only ammo type thatdoesn’t have this are the projectiles (most likely because we’re missing a few Minmatar related factions, who would drop renamed Angel ammo).
I think the best way of fixing this would be redistributing the ammo that comes from the LP stores and drops. For example the Gallente LP store would sell the short range charges, while Caldari would sell the long range charges. The only thing this current mess does is increasing the size of the database for no reason at all.

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The long range charges are not widely used. They are near worthless.

I agree minnies should get faction missiles. Or at least the em and exp ones. There’s a big market for for faction missiles contributing to the value of caldari lp.

Minmatar ships can use missiles!?

market/lp balance > lore

There are more Minmatars ships bonused for missiles than there is Caldaris ones bonused for hybrids.

This is interesting, do you think the LP balance is in a good position right now, a position that could actually be threatens by Republic fleet missiles implementation?

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