More faction stuff

add in everything for faction stuff from lp. that way if i want to fit a faction cruiser with all amarr stuff i can have imperial guns and tank and mwd’s. and not minmatar stuff this and caldari stuff here. include caps in this. maybe add in a bonus that if u have all amarr tank or caldari tank you get a bonus to ehp or resis.

It makes no sense.

Caldari use sheilds. This is why we have Caldari Large Shield Extenders.

It would make no sense for Amarr, who makes armor, and for which they already have their own type, Imperial Navy 1600mm plates, to start making sheild extenders.

Why would the imperial navy make Autocannons? Why? Why make sheild extenders? Why was Chewbacca living with the Ewoks?

Makes no sense. If it doesnt fit, you must quit this discussion forever.


Tbh if you take the meaning of the OP beyond his suggestion it would be pretty sweet to see more faction items. All those minor corporations with no unique items could have a neat niche item that only they make. Could add some diversity to mission running in high sec rather than just pounding our pleasant sisters of EVE.

For example spacelane patrol tracking computers that maybe give some resistance to tracking disruptors for railguns when active. Mag stabs that convert some of the thermal damage to kinetic and visa versa. Webs with much further range but greatly reduced effectiveness. Just a thought.

There’s more things to look at than that.Some faction items cost too many tags and some of those tags are hard to come by or its worth selling them to enemy faction and get an equivalent module with isk that maybe dropped off a pirate npc.
I always fancied the idea of sourcing a mostly imperial navy fit if you’re a hard core loyalist doing anti minmatar missions and all that but if you look closely you get more anti gallente missions

On the contrary, we should be having less.

Wanna know a huge peeve of mine? Having to look at the Centus, Core, and Corpus variants of each line to see which happens to be cheaper at any given time. Or the Centum, Corelum, and Corpum variants. Or the Caldari/DG invulns (DG is generally always cheaper but…). Or the Imp Navy/Khanid EANMs.

If you add different stats then it becomes slightly less of a pointless idea, but just the same, it runs counter to the module tieracide they’ve been running for the last 10 years.

OP, grind different LP if you want different stuff.


This in a nutshell.

i meant if i was flying a Omen navy issue having amarr navy guns and mwd and armor tank maybe even faction rigs. instead of t2

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