Some crazy concepts for missing pirate factions

pretty much the title. been trying to analize each pirate/non empire faction to see what hasnt been tried before. here are some of what i’ve coul come up with:

1. Caldari + Minmatar:

-Caldari bonus per lvl: 10% reduction in explosion radius for missiles

-Minmatar bonus per lvl: 10% bonus to missile explosion velocity

-Role bonus: 100% bonus to missile damage, 25% bonus to missile rate of fire

a missile launching ship designed for better precision instead of better range.

2. Minmatar + Caldari:

-Minmatar bonus per lvl: 10% bonus to projectile turret falloff

-Caldari bonus per lvl: 10% bonus to projectile turret optimal range

-Role bonus: 100% bonus to projectile turret damage, 50% bonus to shield hitpoints

basically the shield version of the Navy Augoror, with some bonuses for range and falloff for autocannons or so.

3. Minmatar + Amarr:

-Minmatar bonus per lvl: 10% bonus to energy turret optimal range

-Amarr bonus per lvl: 10% reduction to energy turret activation cost

-Role bonus: 50% bonus to energy turret damage, 50% reduction to armor plate mass penalty

was thinking on a heavy plated, pulse laser oriented ship with less mobility problems.

4. Amarr + Gallente:

-Amarr bonus per lvl: 10% bonus to hybrid turret optimal range and falloff

-Gallente bonus per lvl: 20% reduction to hull repairer cycle time

-Role bonus: 50% bonus to hybrid turret damage, hull repairers equipped to this ship repair 8 times the amount

an active hull tanking ship. its niche enough. specially taking in account that hull reppers are really slow and dont heal much so the hull is designed to boost them and put them on par with armor reppers.

there were other options for this line of ship. a 50% bonus to hull hitpoints as the hull tank bonus (still niche, doesnt mess with the Hecate) and another that was focused on double armor rep fits with 37,5% repair amount and reduced activation costs per lvl.

5. Amarr + Caldari:

-Amarr bonus per lvl: 10% reduction to smartbomb activation cost

-Caldari bonus per lvl: 10% bonus to the AoE radius of smartbombs

-Role bonus: 25% bonus to smartbomb damage, smartbombs equipped to this ship provide an extra 5% additive resistance amount for that specific damage type.

smartbomb oriented hulls. dont know if those can be used on a PvP scenario outside of pipebombing but its uncharted territory in terms of hull design.

gonna wait for those comments, thanks for watching.


I see what you did there, its all a giant attempt to get Rokhs & Kings back, right? That number 5 suggestion hah.
Some interesting ideas, although Amarr+Gallente is Sisters of Eve, so thats filled already.

I would love to see an Armor tank & ECM pirate faction :stuck_out_tongue:

I come up with this 2 months ago. Armored missile boats, where 2 armor plates worth 3, but only have the mass of 1. With the extra raw HP, these would be perfect to use polarized launchers while not being glass cannons.

Also, there could be more than just combat pirates, the Minmatar/Caldari - filled by the Thukker Tribe for example - could be an omni-logi faction (including remote hull repair bonus). Mixed fleets would love these ships.

yeah but what pirates are they supposed to be? we cant just make up factions although a rogue drone would be great, and thukker tribe ships and some other factions

Thukker Tribe. There is already a lore connection between Thukker and Ishukone with the development of the Rhea so Minmatar/Caldari combination is appropriate. Only problem - there are already a number of Thukker designs in the Republic Fleet.

Ammatar Republic. Another possibility for Minmatar/Caldari - since it is the only combination we don’t already have. Or Minmatar/Amarr even though Blood Raiders already use that one.

SoCT. I realize we already have Gnosis and Sunesis but the Society is the custodian of Jovian technology and member of the inner circle. There has to be more to this story!

I don’t really see this as a problem. The Thukkers give some of their ships to the Minmatar, while kept the better designs to themselves. Thukkers should be some kind of outsiders among the Minmatar if I remember correctly, so this behavior seems to be lore friendly.

first of all this wasnt a suggestion. just a concept to mess around.

the excuse of “but there’s alread a faction with that mix” doesnt work because we have Guristas and Mordus legion being Gallente + Caldari, Angels and Serpentis being both Minmatar + Gallente.

now there are some good candidates in terms of factions but there’s an issue which is that some of them are already related to T2 hulls:

-Thukker Tribe
-Ammatar Mandate
-Khanid Kingdom

the only missing would be a second Minmatar + Caldari endeavor. but that can be figured out later on.

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