Wormhole-Themed Minmatar/Caldari Pirate Faction!

The Minmatar/Caldari spaceship command skill combo is the only one missing from the pirate faction combinations:

Current Pirate Ship Skill Requirements
  • Both Angel Cartel and Serpentis use Gallente/Minmatar.
  • Both Guristas and Mordu’s Legion use Gallente/Caldari.
  • Sisters of Eve use Gallente/Amarr.
  • Blood Raiders use Minmatar/Amarr.
  • Sansha’s Nation uses Caldari/Amarr.

See? No Minmatar/Caldari combo, so I thought about it for a bit, and came up with a faction idea: a Wormhole-Themed Pirate Faction!

Faction Specs!
  • Tank: shield exclusive: strong base shield, paper-thin base armor and hull.
  • Weapon: dedicated, brawly missile boat, focused on better damage application.
  • Quirk: loads of lows and very few mids for ships of the same class! Has a powerful 100% bonus to passive shield regeneration as a role bonus, and great rig calibration. Extremely vulnerable to being alpha’d, but can comfortably handle standard combat with little to no buffer.
  • Missions and LP: You’d be able to exchange those Sleeper commodities (blue loot) for faction LP, and the missions would involve sleeper stuff, exploration, and wormhole pocket locations, like those Sleeper data sites.

I also thought of some ship configurations and skill progression bonuses that should make this faction unique:


Slot Layout: 3 Highs, 2 Mids, 6 Lows
2 launcher hardpoints

Caldari Frigate Bonuses (per skill level):
15% reduction to Rocket explosion radius
Minmatar Frigate Bonuses (per skill level):
15% reduction in Microwarpdrive signature radius penalty
Role Bonus:
100% bonus to passive shield regeneration rate
50% bonus to missile explosion velocity


Slot Layout: 6 Highs, 3 Mids, 8 Lows
4 launcher hardpoints

Caldari Cruiser Bonuses (per skill level):
12.5% redution to Light Missile explosion radius
Minmatar Cruiser Bonuses (per skill level):
15% reduction in Microwarpdrive signature radius penalty
Role Bonus:
100% bonus to passive shield regeneration rate
50% bonus to missile explosion velocity


Slot Layout: 8 Highs, 4 Mids, 8 Lows
6 launcher hardpoints

Caldari Battleship Bonuses (per skill level):
10% reduction to Heavy Assault Missile explosion radius
Minmatar Cruiser Bonuses (per skill level):
15% reduction in Microwarpdrive signature radius penalty
Role Bonus:
100% bonus to passive shield regeneration rate
50% bonus to missile explosion velocity

The focus would be to use the extra lows to enhance damage and passive shield recharge rate, and the rigs for extra shield resistances or better damage application. Maybe we could throw in some scan bonuses as well to further drive home the exploration part.



Damage for what - Missiles or Cannons?

Isn’t exploration the Sisters’ shtick?

And not sure about the rigs part…
Rigs specific to this pirate group or a bonus to existing rigs on these ships?

While I really want to see a Minmatar/Caladari pirate faction hit the light of day, there are too many unknowns in this attempt.
Good to start a discussion, though.

–Gadget wants a full Thukker Tribe line

…JUST noticed that the > indicate more information. Ugh…

Few obvious problems here:

This basically means CCP are setting the value of the LP for this faction, because blue-loot value is set by NPC buy orders. That’s bad on a number of levels that I’m really hoping I don’t actually have to explain beyond saying that you’ve set a floor for the price of these ships that’s determined by CCP, not the market.

There’s a lot in here and I find very little of it attractive.

Few mids on a shield tanked ship means you have a poor ship. It won’t be able to fit the utility needed for PvP and having a passive-regen skewed tank with few other options pigeon holes these ships pretty badly. They won’t scale into even medium sized fights and they pretty much have to be fit one of a few ways to be effective with a bonus layout like that.

Also you’re suggesting breaking the rule of rig calibration by ship class for no particularly good reason, not a fan of that. There are better ways to balance a ship.

Also you’re talking about being able to “comfortably handle standard combat” but you don’t define that. Also with a regen focused tank that basically means these things are going to be cancerous to fight, since that implies you can’t easily kill them. With a thin buffer and strong regen they’ll either die really quickly or they’ll be unkillable. That’s not much fun.

This is a pretty pointless bonus honestly. Rockets are stupidly short range already and don’t have any problems hitting most targets for full or close to full damage. Making an already good application weapon apply even better, especially since you have two bonuses to application on there, isn’t worth much.

Same as above, but even more so. Light Missiles don’t need the bonus, doubly so on a Cruiser fitted with RLMLs.

Well, the bonus would get some use, but not much and it really doesn’t need it. A damage bonus would be more useful across the board here and these hulls have none.

This steps on toes on a Frigate, is kinda questionably OP on a Cruiser, and is very nearly utterly pointless on a Battleship unless it handles like a Machariel, in which case it’s OP.

Overall I feel like this idea is trying way too hard to be a unique snowflake and has drifted about a million miles from anything reasonable or practical that might actually see some use. There’s a reason that existing pirate hulls generally have only one or two things unique or special about them. Not everything about a hull needs to be a unique and special snowflake, also bonuses don’t need to be identical up through the levels so long as the overall theme is preserved.

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Haha, you actually used two of the names for the old Jove frigates for your ship names (Wraith and Specter)- and if you’re talking about creating a faction, who are they? What do they do? It would be odd to create a whole new faction when there are ones like the Thukker, EoM, and The Seven who haven’t had their own ships yet.

Well, firstly I have to tell you unfortunately CCP had said Mordu Legion is the last pirate ship line in EVE.

Secondly, I really couldn’t figure out how could these shield-tanked ships get used with such poor dps and low amount of medium slots. They might hard to catch with small mwd radius, but nothing else they can do.

Plus, wtf is that minmatar cruiser bonus doing on battleship?

All those stats are merely suggestions I pulled out just to start suggesting something - the focus of the Idea is the Minmatar/Caldari pirate faction combo, I’m not asking for those fits and capabilities in particular. It was just that - and Idea.

This new faction could actually be a combination of existing ones! A joint venture of mini-factions, or something - doesn’t NEED to be a new faction, just a new ship line.

This is really sad, because there’s still room for addition, given those minor factions that don’t have their ships yet, and the unused skill combo. About the fitting suggestions, they’re just suggestions to get a discussion started, I fully expected they’d be somehow inappropriate.

There a source for this? I mean it was the last (as in latest) of the line, but I’ve never seen anything saying that they will never make another.

–Curious Gadget


That idea has been around for at least six years, and the best candidate for it is the Thukker Tribe’s ships. If that’s the main point then all we need to do there is wait for CCP to put something out.

Probably won’t be right now though, since Pirate Capitals are happening and the existing pirate hulls are making a bit of a mess of the game balance.

Got a source on that? I’m pretty sure that’s false…


I apology for the misleading information, after rechecking dev blogs back in Kronos, I found no information regarding whether Mordu Legion would be the last pirate ship line or not.

Let it be a mystery I guess =)

How does a 100% bonus to shield regeneration differ from just reducing the shield regen time by half?

Like, this sounds like an imaginary bonus that’s covered in a standard hull property.

Well, it’s hard to shield tank with a low number of mid-slots.

I was thinking of using the large number of low slots to boost the passive regeneration, while using just of of the few mids for a booster or something. These proposed fittings and stuff are just a little something to get the discussion started.

What would you guys like to see on a Minmatar/Caldari pirate faction?

Personally, pie in the sky?

Minmatar hulls, speed, and damage bonuses combined with Caldari resist bonuses and Hybrid Turrets with an extra bit of warp speed as an added bonus.

Second choice is anything that gets me another ship using the Rokh as the base hull.

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Add in the fact that they would be about as half as difficult as Burner mission NPC’s but not as deadly as C4 wormhole Sleepers and you might have a winner.

Cannons that shoot missiles. We’ll call them Mannons.

I like my idea more than I like the OP.

Want a minn/cal line?

Give it 4% shield resist per minmatar level
Give it 3.5% ecm cycle time reduction per level
Give 50% increase to ecm strength role bonus
Low ish Sig
Higher speed but slower than angel