Faction ships

We have pirate faction ships fore every faction except for the minmatar

Caldari - Guristas
Amarr - Blood Raiders
Gallente - Serpentis
Minmatar - ???

For example, the special edition corvettes were based off of the Caldari, Amarr, and Gallente corvettes, but there wasn’t one for the Minmatar same for other pirate variants of standard faction ships, sure, the Angel ships might need Minmatar ship skills to fly, but they aren’t based off of the Minmatar hulls, and i kinda want to know why there aren’t any pirate ships that share a hull with Minmatar ships

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Angel cartel…

They just decided to use new models, thats it. Nothing wrong with that.


I, for one, am glad the Angel Cartel ship models aren’t direct iterations on the Minmitar hulls.

Personally, Dramiel is my favourite ship in the game. I like that it’s unique.

One of these years, i need to train up a couple of alts to go do Angel Cartel missions. Except I haven’t run a mission since the last time I went through Blood Stained Stars, about three years ago…

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If you want access to do the angel arc, we can help you with that. (USIA)

first I need to you get my cal navy standings up…

which reminds me: note to self, get USIA to bump my cal navy standings…

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Caldari - Minmatar pirate faction would be cool.

Personally I see it the other way round, I wish all pirate ships would have their own models instead of just copypasting existing models.

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