New Pirates

Why are there not any Caldari - Mimitar Pirates? There should be some superfast shielded pirates with these two with a logi battleship similar to the nester but for shields.

Wrong forum section.

Basically the only times the Caldari and Minmatar have interacted outside of the context of CONCORD or the Kyonoke Inquest are (1) Ishukone’s provision of Insorum to the Elder Fleet preceding the Empyrean Wars, (2) the tresspassing of State forces in Republic space during their search for Hilen Tukoss after his defection from Zainou to Eifyr, and maybe (3) the Thukkers’ acquisition of Crielere cloaking tech during their development of the Cheetah.

There’s no significant connection between them to build a pirate faction from.


Okay. So why is there no shield logistic battleship in the game? It seems like a disadvantage to shield doctrine ships not to have one. To have it as a pirate would make it equal to the armor logistic battleship.

Just thought since there the only pirate class that isn’t used so far would be Caldari - Mimitar it could be added in a future release. Instead of constantly changing the ships around to encourage or discourage use maybe add new ships that are nice to fly, sorry Marshall class. And the battleship class is attainable to most people in the game.

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