Caldari Minmatar Pirate Faction

Im a long time on again off agian EVE player. been playing periodically since 2008. In all this time I’ve wanted a pirate faction that makes use of Caldari-Minmatar skills specifically. Here we are 13 years later and still nothing. I understand the argument of it “needs a Niche” and “what would they do?” Now that I’m playing again, I’m really salty about it because we had Trig and EDECOM ship lines forced into the game with literally no Lore backing it prior to. CCP just made up the lore and force it into the game. I would of Much rather seen a Jove and CONCORD ship line but apparently, those are reserved for special edition ships only.

So I ask, why cant we have a Caldari-Minmatar pirate fraction?
Just make it thunkkers and give it a bonus to MWD’s and Missles, with a role bonus to salvage or something. At this point I don’t care what CCP does with it because it cant be anyworse then what they did with Trig and EDECOM.

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Ah, so you want another Minmatar ship that doesn’t need duct tape to fly? :wink:

I thought you guys had a couple already? :grinning:

I agree that the Thukkers should be used i am not sure on the rest.

There needs to be a Shield Nestor so would make sense for a Thukker Battleship to take on that role. As for a Missile bonus you got Mordus legion/Guristas with that role for now. I would expect given the Thukker lore around using wormholes it would end up been a the same as the SOE only shield/Proj weapon based.

I expect if any one is going to get a Salvage type role bonus would be ORE or some other faction with that kind of lore to suit the role.

Some pirate factions have old things recreated.

Serpentis have old 90% webs
Blood raiders have old nosferatu

Maybe Minmatar-Caldary faction should have double weapon systems like some minmatar ships years ago?
Hybrid damage-mods likely will be needed.

Sample slot layouts


3H 2t 2m


5H 3t 3m


7H 4t 4m