Pirate Battlecruisers?

I have a question that I have been curious about for years. Why do we not have Pirate battlecruisers? This is my favorite class and it feels like there is a place for them in the meta. I always assumed that they were in the works and someday would drop in an expansion. I see that CCP has invested an incredible amount of time and resources into the TriGlav ship set. ( A move I am still on the fence about, are they catching on in a meaningful way? Dunno.) And I see the Triglav got every class. Somebody have any input on this?

The same could be said of any other type of ship that doesnt have x. Where are the pirate T3 cruisers? Pirate faction sentry drones?

The answer is, because CCP hasnt gotten around to creating/desigining them.

Hard to imagine a pirate organization having the resources and tech to create T3 anything. And drones have nothing to do with a question about ships. Thank you and apologies for asking such a trite and vapid question. And BTW you spelled designing wrong.

Sanshas Nation created their own Supercarrier. Not to mention, there is nothing that is preventing a pirate faction on taking an already existing ship, for example, the Scorpion, and change it into a pirate faction battleship, like the rattlesnake. So I dont see how they couldnt take an existing T3 cruiser and change it into a pirate faction T3 cruiser.

It does if youre talking about “Why isnt there a pirate faction variant of “X””.

Sure, and by the way, BTW doesnt actually exist as a word in the english language, and you capitalized TriGlav while not capitalizing the letter “G” in the same sentence, etc etc.

Im typing this from my phone, and youre typing it on a computer that you’ve installed Grammerly on. So whats your point.


we have triglavian battlecruisers now. and if I’m remembering right from eve vegas (Through the hangover) I think they said something about wanting to start fleshing out the other faction ship lines as well.
but there is nothing concrete as of yet, so the best I can say is soon™ (maybe)

I’d very much like to see more ships added to the game. Pirate BC’s would be very much welcome.

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Yes and destroyers we have yet to see Navy and Pirate destroyers

They’ve got Titan BPO I’m sure they could run a few copies of that to get what they want. Looking at 400 bil vanquisher on zkill

Just so you know, pirate cartels have the means to research and produce ships on a supercapital level. Plus they already have research outposts in low class wormholes, with Ghost Sites. So developing strategic cruisers is far from a problem for them.

In fact, the Sansha Nation would be the faction with the best research advancements on TIII hulls, since they have settled multiple shattered wormholes, and often use said wormholes to launch incrustions in a given constellation.

I too would like to see them. We already have a general theme for every pirate faction - Serpentis BC would get standard Web strength bonus and so on, while in addition pirate BCs would have few extra slots more than pirate cruisers and the ability to use command bursts. They could also even use existing models for what I care. Fozzie could design them in one day, but I guess CCP has different chores for him.
As for pirate T3Cs or drones - no. The only T2 pirate ships so far have been AT ships like Moracha and Victor, and I would like it to remain that way, if we had limitless supply of T2 pirate ships, some AT ships would be made obsolete (wait, Chameleon already is).

Triglavian isnt pirate. They are a whole new race/faction with their own unique weapons.

Pirate factions have 2 bonuses from 2 separate factions. Triglavian only have 1 bonus from their own faction.

They also have a logi cruiser coming out, along with a t2 logi cruiser in December. They are going to be a fully fleshed out faction. They are not pirate.

That being said, id love to see pirate BCs. But CCP wants pirate capitals to milk the whales before that.

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