Pirate faction Battlecruisers and Destroyers


Firstly I confess that I don’t use the forum as often as I should.
I suspect this topic would have been asked before…
But it begs the question, why don’t we have pirate faction Battlecruisers and Destroyers?

They are a missing piece of the puzzle in my opinion and would be pretty awesome if following the pirate faction bonuses etc.
I’ve been playing for over 10 Years and it still begs the question why not?

We have had Trig and Edencom so why not?

Thank you


Who says they won’t come? It may take a few years like the Salvage II drones, but eventually for sure!
Right after that T2 Carrier, T2 FAXes, T2 Supercarrier, and T2 Titans and right after that the ultimate Death Star! Maybe also T2 Death Star after that, why not. And for just a few hundred trillion PLEX you get a lifetime subscription.

Believe me, it’s coming, I finished reading the EvEs master plan.


There’s a thought :joy::+1:t3:


A mobile Palatine KS, that can warp, jump, slowboat, has a death laser, and can dock Titans… LMAO that would be the day, and broken as hell

That’s coming too, and the Borg ships! (rumor has it CCP is negotiating the rights to the story, but they don’t have the money after overpaying for Leonardo DiCaprio’s campaign glass reference).

spoiler about The Borg

PS: Don’t get too excited about “The Borg”. You have to join the Borg Corp forever then, there is no resigning. This then falls under “make your choice” category. But if you decide to do so, you can walk in the Borg station for recharging the game time at the Borg automat. And you get much cooler implants, not only for the head.

By the way, it will also greatly reduce TiDi, because many thousands and thousands of players will control only one Borg mothership together and thus significantly reduce the load on the servers.

I’m always for more ships, but the destroyer space seems like we already have a lot of options. They just added two Trig versions, we have interdictors and command destroyers, we have T3D, we got the Sunesis. Seems like a lot of options are available already. Battlecruisers maybe less so, with just T1 combat, T1 attack and command ships, 1 new Trig bc and the Gnosis. But I’d argue that T3 cruisers kind of fall in the same space as BCs really.

Mining and industry is probably more sparse. Mining barges have T1 and T2, no T3, no Trig, no faction. Industrial command is even more sparse with just the Porpoise, Orca and Rorqual. Caps also provide relatively few options, with basically T1 and then a handful of faction ones that are so expensive nobody really uses them. Just T1 and jump for freighters. Logistics is also a bit thin, although the trig entrants are kind of a nice new addition with a different mechanic. Exploration is a bit more populated now with the SoE ships, but still not nearly as many options as any tier of combat ships. E.g., I’ve been doing exploration as a side hustle for like 11 years, in the same hull type the entire time. For subcap combat, I’ve probably switched around between like 50 hull types in that same time. We also have classes that are kind of missing entirely. E.g., think of everything people use Orcas for that aren’t what Orcas are theoretically designed to be used for - each of those uses probably needs a dedicated ship class. E.g., I think it would be cool to have something like an Orca, but without the mining stuff, that is specialized in being a mobile base.

Anyways, my point is, if they’re going to build out more ship classes, I’d probably suggest that subcap combat ships aren’t where to start. But, I’m pretty much always in favor of more ships of all kinds, so I wouldn’t be against more destroyers or BCs, it just wouldn’t be where I think there is the greatest need for variety. If they do add more into the destroyer and BC range, I’d probably suggest a new class, with new skill requirements, rather than faction, though. Something with a meaningful difference from what we currently have, rather than just slightly better bonuses.

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Imagine what such ships would look like. You’ll probably come up with something extremely powerful, not that unique, downright dodgy and/or that will make one or more existing ships entirely redundant.

Powercreep sucks.


While I really want pirate dessies that is a very valid point.

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I don’t see how a pirate faction BC or dessie would invalidate another ship
Each currently have their inherent strengths and weaknesses and cater for different fitting preferences.

Well…they don’t. There have already been struggles to separate some pirate ships from others.

For example the Machariel, Fleet Tempest and Tempest. They have very similar properties and operate much in the same way as each other. The Tempest is the cheap version, the Machariel is the bling version. The Fleet Tempest however sees very little use. Even after moving one of the Machs low slots to a mid slot i don’t think its made using the Fleet Tempest worthwhile.

If you make an Angel Battle Cruiser, how is it not going to be significant crossover with the Tornado? It’ll likely be just as fast as a Nado because thats what Angel ships do. It’ll have significant DPS boost over a Fleet Hurricane/Hurricane and both a 25% range boost (standard for BC’s) and a 50% fall off bonus (Standard Angel bonus) to rival that of the Nado. It’ll tank better, track better and it will warp faster than the Nado too.

And can you figure out how a Guristas destroyer is going to work?

Gurista ships have the bandwidth and bonuses for two super-drones. 2x small (Worm), 2x Med (Gila) 2x Large (Rattler). And number of launchers go up with each size 3x (Worm), 4x (Gila) 5x (Rattler).

And on top of that, destroyers sacrifice med/low slots for more highslots and hard points and extra range/drone speed.

So my questions are these…whats the slot layout of a Gurista dessie? Does it get to properly use its resist bonus? What drone size and bandwidth is it bonused to? Does it get a missile speed bonus or a drone speed bonus?

This is what i mean, if you try to actually think of what the ships will become, weird stuff starts to happen. And there is most certainly crossings over with Angels and minmatar, Serpentis and Gallente and probably others.

Thats not to say there’s no room to expand the pirate line-up. I just think we have to be more selective and less linear with how we do it.

For example Guristas and Blood Raider Logi. Angel, Mordus and Sansha ABC’s. Serpentis BC or Dessie.

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That’s John Rourke’s fault, actually.
Fun Fact: Clear Skies 4 is in the making!


I’m not disagreeing with anything you’ve said , and agree with looking at it from a different perspective.

Also from a logic and lore perspective, why would the pirate factions not have developed BC’s and Dessies?!

It’d be good to have a Devs perspective on this


They may just be happy copying/stealing empire designs. It may not be worthwhile to invest in the design and creation of modified BC’s and dessies.

Not every ship used by a pirate faction is one of these souped up faction ships. They use a lot of normal ships and just paint them in their faction colours.

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