More destroyers and battlecruisers?

We have faction frigates and navy issue cruisers, and battleships, that handles logistics, exploration, ewar, and combat. but we dont have any faction or specialised destroyers. can CCP add stuff like logi, ewar, or exploration destroyers and battlecruisers? or better, add stuff like cormorant navy issue/dragoon navy issue and so on?

edit: so alpha players can use them?

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Tech 3 destroyer exists

but they aren’t specialised right? like no logistics destroyers and stuff

As a matter of fact, they are specialized. And they are amazing.

And why would you need a logistics destroyer when logistic frigates, and cruisers exist?


The Kikimora (T1 destroyer) and Draugur (T2) have remote armor repair cap+range bonusses. So they are kinda halfway to logistics ships.

The way ships are done it looks to me like CCP have done the following in general:
(just my opinion, so I could be completely wrong about the categorization :slight_smile: )
Destroyers and Battlecruisers - High dps, high tank, or command boost roles
Frigates and Cruisers - General purpose, exploration, ewar, logistics, or covert ops

I do agree with Thorne above - the logistics frigates and cruisers do a good enough job already.


The trouble with new ships is that they shouldn’t step on the toes of existing ships. When that happens, one ship is almost always better than the other in every situation, and that’s bad because it takes away meaningful choice or variety.

How is an exploration/logi/ewar destroyer not going to be better than an exploration/logi/ewar frig in pretty much every way?


Even though I’m picky with what I use I’m always happy with new ships.

The only thing I would want is a battlecrusier with battleship missile launchers. Ive been told they tried and found it to be overpowered but I find that hard to believe since they have missile ships side-by-side with turret ships in every catagory except this one.

The fundimental problem with the Battlecruiser is that CCP allowed cruisers to deal too much damage so the heavily step on and often surpase battlecruiser damage output, while at the same time the cruiser actually tanks better due to its speed tanking.

The battleship weapon battlecruisers see a lot of use because they are good at pvp and find uses bashing and running missions because they have the firepower to get them done quickly and from a long distance away.

The fix im my opinion is one that will not happen: nerf down destroyer damage, nerf down cruiser damage then the medium weapon battlecruisers actually have a dps advanatage and therefore find a reason for existence.

Wait how is that possible? I thought battlecruisers deal way more dmg than cruisers. like even faction caracal only have damage equivalent to 7.2 launchers but drake have it equal to 8.4 or something.

I admit I was wrong on this, I was on my alt when i made the builds and he has cruiser skills maxed but not battlecruisers.

well then make them more expensive like how faction cruisers costs 3x as much as normal ones. also they are essentially different ship hulls right? then based on your logic, shouldn’t people only fly the biggest/best ships they can fly because combat cruisers are better than combat frigates in pretty much every way?

I don’t think its a problem to add ewar, logi, and exploration destroyers.

is a misnomer at best. i can fly a dread, do i thought cause its the biggest ship i can fly? no. I fly what is best for the occasion. destroyers are not as fast as small slippery frigates, so their roles in explo/logi/ewar is perfect.

ship types are different for a variety of reasons. adding ewar to dessies because frigs can do it, is like saying well blackops are on battleships, but can we add dreadnoughts that are blackops too? makes no sense.

Ships are tools.

And like tools, each tool has a specific use and purpose.

Bigger does not equal better.

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I am highly in favor of more diversity.

That doesn’t stop people making them the normal ship to use. Price doesn’t balance ships very well. Which is why tech1 ships are rarely used in any serious fight except capitals. Everything else is faction, tech2 or tech3.

They aren’t. Cruisers aren’t as useful as tackle, and whilst most combat cruisers will easily beat a frigate, a cruiser won’t last long against a battleship whilst a frigate will.

E-war cruisers aren’t just bigger better e-war frigs. Look at their slots, look at their bonuses. They don’t behave the same.

If you tried to flesh out your idea you might understand. Think about what roles destroyers play. What slots and bonuses do they have? How are you going to adapt that to e-war/logi/exploration?

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like destroyers are low hp and high dps? so maybe a ewar thats very weak but extremely effective? or a exploration ship that have higher virus strength but less hp? or logistics that heals more but less hp?

I think thats how it should work, same for battlecruisers.

also why not just add the ships and balance them later? thats how ccp started with EDENCOM Ships

And what is an e-war frig but exactly that? E-war frigs often have the same e-war strength or better than e-war cruisers. Where as e-war cruisers fit a hybrid e-war/combat role.

Exploration can be broken down as thus:

Do i need tank?
No - use Astero
Yes - use Stratios or Tech3

Bringing in a dessie with stronger viruses but less hp turns that into:

Do i need tank?
No - use Dessie
Yes - use Stratios/Tech3

You see how this new ship is either better or worse than an Astero? Adding more ships does not necessarily increase your choices.

I have little faith in this concept. They will either be volleyed of the field easily, or (most likely in the case of shield logi) will be better than frig e-war in every situation.

Why add the ships at all? Why do all that work?

The edencom ships were an entirely new concept, CCP were taking a gamble with them. And they failed to fulfil their role. They mostly serve as a gimmick now. All the work put into them was largely a waste of time.

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Tech 1 frigates are used quite extensively with low sec solo pvpers.

Unless you’re one of those elite F1 blob jockeys that don’t consider solo fights as “serious.”

Serious fight.

Solo pvp is overwhelmingly casual pvp. No one’s going to lose a strategic objective.

I do more low sec solo pvp than any other.

And do you know what i call my ships when i do? ‘1v1 chill pvp’. Because that’s exactly what it is. And you know what else? I use tech1 ships.

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Playing this game is, overwhelmingly casual.

It’s just a video game.

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