Great ships that don't get used too much

What are some good ships that don’t get seen too much on the battlefield? I know I can look it up on zkillboard, probably, but I’d rather discuss it with youuuuuuuuu :dolphin::sparkling_heart::dolphin:

I would say the Attack BC’s Miss the Talos days.


ABCs, missile battleships, battleships in general, battlecruisers are mainly taken for meme value. Outside of lowsec you will extremely rarely see t1 destroyers. The game has a lot of power creep and money isn’t a realistic obstacle to anyone with a clue of how to print isk.


Sniper battleships also went out of flavor. A shame really, long range combat always had so many possibilities.


Funny that one poster says BC’s are taken for meme value, although they are some of the most common ships of the line in null sec. I guess hundreds in a single fleet somehow equates to ‘meme value’. Hurricanes, Ferox (even post nerf), and sniper Nagas are some of the largest fleets flying anywhere in the game.

Another says battleships in general, although again the core doctrines for the largest alliances in the game use them as primary fleet comps. A resurrected Baltec Megathron (with probably more Apocs than Megas) doctrine sees hundreds in space at a time. Those replaced Mach fleets, which last time I checked, were also battleships.

We also fly several T1 destroyer fleets a day out of Delve because they are cheap fun easy for new guys to get into.

So if you are missing out on flying any of those ships, the problem isn’t Eve.

Interesting you negate the fact there is a problem with many classes of ships decided on the use of 3 out of 12 battlecruisers. The others rarely if ever see a lot of use - Especially in nulsec, you certainly won’t see them in the hundreds like the 2 or 3 most common ones.

2 (one really) T1 battleship out of 12.
and yes there are T1 destroyer roams - Consisting of A particular destroyer as it is superior to all the others…

Yep these classes of ships a balanced just right - Especially Battleships which are just perfect, nothing needed there at all.


They all have their place they don’t all have to be good in the hundreds in nullsec, the amarr and gellente destroyers are both great for solo work, corm and talwar is in a really great spot for fleet and for solo, thrasher is great solo and small gang and the only t1 destroyer that’s absolute rubbish is the corax.

The ABC’s only need a utlity high to be used a hell of a lot more. BS’s need minimum 2.6 warp speed to be used more often 30% buff. If BC’s went to 3 Au/s and cruisers went to 3.5 to compensate then you would see a lot more BC’s flying around. I bet maybe 3 years time we will only see these kind of changes thou unfortunately :confused:

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I agree with you completely. My response though was to the guy who thought just because a particular doctrine is used by nul groups it equals - Things are ok and working as intended.

We can’t base “good” or “bad” based on what the nul groups do with them.

Personally I’d like to see a missile based ABC with velocity bonus similar to the Orthrus and yes the Corax given a bit of an overhaul.


Oh those days!

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well yeah but that’s not really something CCP can fix at this point. they built the game in a way that each race is equally represented in each class and each ship in the classes are built to do about the same thing. This leads to them being very similar so any small advantage gets grabbed and used while the rest gather dust. What CCP does do is every so often they nerf the most common and buff the least mixing up the meta and keeping things at least some what fresh.

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The corax just needs like 1pg and maybe 3 cpu and it will be perfect.
If you think I’m joking well I’m not, check my killboard, you can get some silly kills with corax on people who assume it will roll over and die easily.


No they aren’t. There is vast differences in each race and as much difference in each class.
You can’t in any way compare a Brutix to a Ferox, same class different races. Even the Hurricane is so different to the Ferox they could be in a different class.
The Ferox. even after its recent "nerf’ is still battlecruiser of choice, with little else (in the battlecruiser line) to even come close to it.

Which other battlecruisers from the other 3 races do you see as equally representing Caldari’s Ferox in its class?

The successful ships in the current meta designed by CCP are shield snipers - If it can’t hit a target at 100K or more it doesn’t see a lot of success.

Do wish they started buffing the other classes instead of nerfing the ferox thou, nerfing the ferox doesn’t all of a sudden make people fly more harbies xD


See, you get me. The Harbinger only needs a tad more powergrid and cpu.


i much prefer nerfs over buffs and slow small changes ones over big/rapid ones

this avoids power creep and makes it easier for the balance to be read and reacted to.
this isn’t me saying never buff simply try nerfs before you look at buffs.

Not sure I even hinted at that. My response was in regard to Lugh Crow-Slave and his comment about all races and classes being equally represented and doing the same thing.
The current meta is far from anything resembling each race being equally balanced for the same roles.

And I’m not really sure what Harbies and Ferox’s have in common as far as ship types and classes go. One is an OP battlecruiser (that has nothing in class to match it the other an assault frigate (that is pretty well balanced with the others in the same class)

Hyena, not many people use this ship… why should they. Its only real boost is target painting, and that isnt that great when you have a couple of decent tacklers. Which it can web at a good distance but the cost… you can get a Fleet Vigil that does about the same thing… but for half the cost but with drones and a weapon bonus.

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If the hyena got the fitting of the vigil fleet it would be great, but at least its got the t2 resi going for it when paired with logi frig’s, the web range is actually almost that of the huggin with much more speed and warp speed, great little ship for a cynabal + logi frig gang.


Vigil Fleet is only +50% web range.
Hyena is +200% web range.

Raven navy issue, typhoon fleet issue, t1 phoon, muninn, fleet cane, harbinger, apoc, aug navy.

To go a step farther, people underestimate torpedos, but they hit like a truck when you fit for application (imagine arty without tracking). The navy raven shines with torpedos due to the explo radius bonus (much better than explo velocity like on the phoon/golem).

If the navy raven got a slight change like the drake navy, and lost the velocity bonus for a damage bonus and then dropped a launcher, it would be godly as it frees up fitting, adds utility (like t1 raven) and potentially sees a minor bump on dps.

Torp fleet phoon pumps out 1500-1700dps, i use it to crack t3 XL capstable tanks.