New ships

I really would like to see new ships, there has not been any for some time…

Ideas -

  1. new Deep Space Transporter (which is bigger than an Orca but not a big as Charon)
  2. Gas miner (but works in high-sec, yes i know that there are no Gas mining in High-sec but i think this should be allowed.
  3. more PVP ships

any other ideas?

  1. Why, what is it to transport?

  2. Thats not a ship then, as afaik Ventures work fine in HS.

  3. Such as?

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Surely a jump freighter is a large deep space transport. What difference would you ask for?

Gas in hi-sec is just one less reason to not leave hi-sec. We should probably avoid it for as long as possible. And current barges getting big gas strip miners would be better than making a whole new ship for it.

‘more pvp ships’…like?

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Cruiser sized stealth bombers … You know we want them … You promised, ccp …

and for Ramona: module damaging mining lasers …


Have you looked at jump freighters? Jump freighters like the Rhea (T2 Charon), which is bigger than an Orca but not as big as a Charon, would be my large hauler of choice for transportation in low and null sec.

I say get rid of JF

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You know it makes sense


Kamikaze ships where you blow yourself up and act as a giant bomb.

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Add in the old Jove ships, like the Eidolon.


A ship that can seperate into three different smaller ships, two of which can be used like the drones while the main part is piloted by the capsuleer.
Call it " The Trident ".

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I didn’t even know about that ship. I left Star Trek at the end of Next Generation.

Check DS9 at least, those who like it usually place it at the top of ST shows so maybe it is worth your time.


I shall. I’ve heard good things about DS9.

The best writing out of them all and some really good character delelopment

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It was in Voyager not DS9.


They werent saying thats where it was from, just recommending the second best show from the 1990s about a space station.

Man, the 90s had way better shows than we do now :frowning:


whoops, misread… while DS9 was good, I liked voyager better. But where Kellie mentioned she never heard of prometheus, I thought thats where Uriel was going, was where the ship was introduced…


You already realized but for confirmation: I’ve replied to the part of TNG being the last show she viewed thus I’ve recommended DS9 as many people (including myself) have high praise for it so thought would be a worthy try to see if she likes it. (So no was not implying the vid / ship is from DS9 as it is from VOY obviously.)

Edit: Btw I like VOY too but it is too flawed imo to recommend without hesitation, rather DS9 out of the newer shows. Maybe worth a try too but personally I think a better bet to recommend DS9 first and foremost. Just my personal opinion ofc.


-faction transports, tech 1 equivalent with better tank but not as good as t2.

-t3 transport that can fight back. Like a rlml caracal with a dst cargo.

-increase saved fittings amount, hasnt been changed since forever

-make the calculator scalable. Eve is old as ■■■■ and so is the playerbase. We cant see this ■■■■.

-stop the mining bs. Double the asteroid fields, gas sights, and scannables. Bots are gonna bot, your just punishing the players.

-add new capitols bigger than titans, that take multiple players to pilot. Return existing capitals back to there glory days.

-And finally I want the nation of Iceland to publicly apologize to the world for ■■■■■■■ eve up.