Faction destroyers

we have naval issue/faction frigates, cruisers and battleships, can we also have faction destroyers?


We have something way better - tech 3 destroyers.


:+1: to pirate destroyers

That’s a good one, pirate destroyers! I get it!

i really mean pirate destroyers …
like the succubus is a pirate frigate
or the ashimmu is a pirate cruiser

the destroyer is the ship class i use the most , i wish i had a sansha or blod raider one

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8 small energy neutralizers with bonuses :thinking:


sounds good :smiley:

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Yes and the price would triple the cost of a normal Destroyer.

What difference does cost make to a baller like you, Frostpacker?

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Frostpacker never insinuated such and is sitting on the far opposite end of that scale you’re referring towards.

You must have mixed up with another Corp.

a person or device that makes or forms something into balls.

“a melon baller”

Yeah I think you mean that I am too afraid to go near the Invasion systems with a single Orca.

I thought we are talking about adding faction destroyers.

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so are we still gonna talk about adding them?

Do you want faction destroyers
  • yes
  • no

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I was going to say they could make a Caldari Navy Corax that didnt, like, statistically suck.

But the CN isnt who Id go to for military advice, knowhatImean #shivvedbyNPCslol

Amarr Navy Dragoon though, yessum pleassum


CCP doesn’t have a whole lot of available coding/design/balancing staff (apparently), and they are well aware that any new set of ships introduces either bloat or power creep or simply wastes time if they aren’t well designed and well balanced.

When you are looking at adding new ships, the game design question you ask isn’t “Hey wouldn’t it be cool to have some new ships?”. After all we just recently got Edencom and Trig ships added.

The question to ask is “What EVE niche/need would these ship lines fill, and what different gameplay options would they make available?”

If you’ve got a good answer to that, then you’re halfway to justifying a new line of ships. Otherwise you’re just whistling Dixie.


okay I get it, thanks.

so I am noob in these areas and I don’t have a good answer to that.

but I hope adding faction destroyers can help to decrease the gap between a frigate and cruiser. currently each faction only have 2 destroyers alpha clone/new players can fly, which is a bit limited comparing to all the frigates and cruisers.

I think adding more destroyers, not necessarily faction, will be like a step up from frigates. they will be like mini cruisers(scaled up frigates), effective against frigates and other destroyers but suffer against bigger ships.

these new destroyers should be cheap compared to cruisers, they should have 1.5-2 times the firepower of a frigate and less than half the HP of a cruiser. their base speed would be around 200-300m/s . not as strong as a cruiser, but is a step up from tiny frigates.

as a newish player myself I already flown most of the frigates I can fly, and also all the destroyers of my faction. I liked them a lot. I just hope these new destroyers I propose can ease the gap between frigates that is tiny and easily killed with cheap costs(5-10M fit) to cruisers that is tougher and costs more(30-50M fit? only simulated some myself and researched online).

again, thanks so much for reading all these texts I wrote. I am very noob to EVE so what I’ve said might make you think I am going nuts. please tell me if I got things wrong.

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Thats the thing, Destroyers arent really a progression stage from power level to another, though the NPE might suggest that.

They really are a more specialised ship than either Frigate or Cruiser. Destroyers on the whole though could probably do with a role-overhaul, I think.

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oh, ok then. but do you think there should be more destroyers though? I think 2 for each faction is a bit too little.

The on-paper purpose of the EvE Destroyer is to destroy Frigates quickly. As such they sacrifice pretty much everything to outgun any Frigate they expect to find. There are only variants to cover weapon use, and no other purpose (ie Racial Primary, then missile/drone).

However, players have used them (after progressing to higher skills and more rounded ships) as Salvage Barges and Gankfit Gunboats most commonly, so I think there could be a case for perhaps ones dedicated to the Slavaging role, a Noctis Lite.

But to be honest, they ooperate fine in those roles at the moment, I just dont see what new ones might do that the T2 variants dont in addition to these uses.

Seriously, try a Stork. Its hilarious