Faction destroyers

Your statement is true. However, I’m sure most people will prefer cruisers.


totally agree! but I do think these new destroyers should be more new player friendly/alpha suitable.

I am just as hyped as you are.

Yeah, well in any case, I really dont care how many hours of dev work or whether its got no purpose, I definately want Navy Dragoon now.

I’m sure you’ve thought of similar ways to abuse the hell out of one as I have :stuck_out_tongue:

Ones that would make baby Jesus cry


Wouldn’t a destroyer at 3x price still only be about 3 mil?

Thinking triple the cost once the hype clears.

i think the pirate ones will go for like 70 million
and the navy ones for 30 ish million

lol thing don’t exist
me knows the price

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I agree, since these faction destroyers will be stronger than normal t1 ones in almost all aspects, it is reasonable to be at a way higher price.

what, like the sunesis and the kikimora?

maybe more like the Imperial navy slicer comparing to the executioner

just saying I still think faction destroyers are a good idea.

I found this thread years ago and its basically talking about the something I was thinking about. Navy Destroyers
why don’t we have Ewar destroyers and exploration destroyers that is specific to each faction?

I remember that topic, do you think there is space for them in the ship tree without being too close to a ship type that already exists ?

well there are no ewar or exploration destroyers except for the rare special edition sunesis

What would an exploration destroyer do? It is like suggesting an exploration battlecruiser.

I heard that people do use battleships to mine, so maybe doing exploration in destroyers is just like that…

I don’t really know…

Destroyers are supposed to be specialty anti-frigate platforms that are very vulnerable to cruisers. Unless your EWAR platform or exploration was somehow specific to anti-frigate, a destroyer wouldn’t make a lot of sense.