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I just wonder what you lot thinks about getting new hulls into the game - pirate faction battle cruisers. They should not be more powerfull, than navy versions of common battle cruisers, but they must be very unpredictable in filtting. Like a Gnosis. You can fit whatever weapon / tank, but none will give you absolute upper hand in fight.

Idea is not to create pwnmobile, but surprise mobile. Of cause there must be some minor twicks in bonuses, but nothing serios. may be warp speed / ewar / tackle range bonuses, so people will fly different hulls.

Warning you now, next time you make suggestions have an idea of EXACTLY what niche these are supposed to fill. I’m all for pirate battlecruisers, I’d almost rather have them be pirate versions of the attack battlecruisers, so the guristas one is maybe a cruise / sentry drone boat, the Angel boat is a crazy fast sniper / kiter, but these would tend to push some T1 battleships out of use

Exactly that I want to avoid. Exact niche for those would be same as common navy BC (pvp) , cause they will have same firepower / tank / agility, but enemy will not know, how they are fitted. I mean - look what we have now : Brutix navy is almost sure hull tanked with hybrid guns, drake - shield tanked with missiles, Harbinger - armor and lasers… You see d-scan, you know what you will be dealing with. Now imagine you see “Some battlecruiser” on D-scan. No idea, long, short range, shield or armor tank, missiles, drones etc… You can expect anything, untill you make visial contact…

We don’t need more hulls when CCP’s still trying to balance the ones we currently have.


Pirate abc’s make more sense. Pirate ships are meant to be ‘attack’ style ships anyways.

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Definitely agree with this.

Battlecruisers specifically fit with the “navy faction” line… they’re typically meant to fill the gaps between battleships and other ships-of-the-line. They’ve got more firepower than a cruiser, and they can move to fill gaps/ protect against flanking as they appear. Assuming you go full retard and RP it of course.

An ABC on the other hand is a vanguard craft. It’s meant to go in hot and heavy and melt the things before the things melt it. Pirates are all about the smash-and-grab.

I must say that a Sansha ABC scares the crap out of me. 100mn nano fit with high tracking scorch pulse lasers. That thing would MOVE.

The Gurista one would be a bit of an existential crisis though… shield resist bonuses on an ABC :thinking:

Indeed guristas break the paradigm. But ABC’s are definitely the more interesting option for the rest. Perhaps you could have some ABC’s and some CBC’s.

Attack battle cruiser are viable object for next step, but I rather prefer to stay with normal battlecruiser for the moment. From my point of view ABC are meant to be glass cannons and as such they do not let owner much chance to stay on grid long enough to utilize the “surprise” factor of the new pirate ships.
Most ABC fleets I saw are gankers fleet and gank should be a surprise by itself. I see pirate BC place in new Eden as the unpredictable force fleet, where opponent is puzzled till the last moment what is comming on him. Kiters, brawlers, shield or armor tank? And now imagine, that some of those BC will get force recon ability to hide from d-scan… as a bonus (not need to be, but can be interesting, IMHO)

They don’t sound like pirate bc’s. They sound like some t2/t3 bc. In fact, it sounds exactly like a t3 cruiser where you don’t know the fit until its on grid.

Pirate ships have a pretty clear template. They copy bonuses from small to large and even capitals.

I would be all for this… Seeing a new Sansha Battlecruiser…


And something to take the place of the Cynabal because i would never fly that thing because it’s such an ugly POS.

Yeah. Pirate BCs are totally missing from the game. I’m just not sure about the idea there? Like a Gnosis? No. they should have the same kind of bonuses as the rest of their fleet. Neutering it for some reason. I’m not sure why.

Pirate Battlecruisers? Yes. Hell yes. I have nothing else to spend my ISK on, anyways.

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