Re-work of Faction guns/modules and how you get them

What do yall think of this

-Get rid of the requirement of faction tag to get to purchase faction gear through loyalty store.

-Change the requirement to get said faction module from same T1 item to same T2 item

-Boost ROF on faction guns and launchers to increase their dps over their T2 counterparts by 10-20% with max skills

Lets elaborate

-Rid ourselves of the requirement of tags so faction mods are easier to get. CCP could adjust LP and ISK requirements to keep market prices where they want them. Tags however will now be worth LPs in whatever opposing faction NPC corps. i.e. fed tags are worth LP in any caldari corps LP store. Rarer the tag, more LP.

I believe this would still give the tags significant ISK value in market and might even drive prices up. Giving people incentive to do those rare faction missions you get from high sec security agents and FW agents. This would also allow people to use tags to gain the LP necessary to buy faction gear without actually having to mission run. further driving up tag ISK price.

Since this would ultimately make it much easier to acquire faction mods it would drive the prices of them down in the market with a higher volume of modules being added to it. I would love to see Faction modules only cost 20-30ish percent more than their tech 2 counter part so we can see a lot more use of them in pvp and casual play, and would allow newbies to bling their ships a little bit by grinding missions

  • Since the VAST majority of faction gear is better than their tech 2 cousin maybe in order to purchase modules from the LP store you need to use a T2 module instead of T1. Though I’m unsure how this would work for the faction gear blueprints. maybe just an increase of materials needed to make module.

  • Alright now this one has been talking about a lot in the past but 2020 is over so lets talk about it again

faction guns do less DPS than T2 guns but are significantly more expensive. yes they have a much lower CPU need across the board which is nice but I don’t think that warrants the price tag. I say raise the damage modifier so that faction guns do the same amount of alpha damage as a maxed skill tech 2 gun. but increase the ROF so that the overall DPS is 10-20% higher. Same alpha strike, just higher DPS

Launchers kind of already follow this idea but we could bring them up to par with the new faction guns

The end goal is to make all faction mods easier and cheaper to get, but still requiring hard work to get them. So we can see more use of them in PVP, and to bring faction guns and launchers to their rightful place as superior to their T2 counterparts to warrant more use of them in combat.

Reduced fitting (as well as all of the other bonuses from being Faction) is such a huge buff compared that you have no idea what you’re talking about here. The price tag comes from a mix of the bonuses, the LP prices (and itesm that compete for LP, etc.), supply, demand, etc. It’s not something as simple as “just buff it to make it match my misconceptions of what is worth what price.”


I get that, but my idea is to bring more use of faction guns into every day use and not have them tucked away in niche fittings that people hardly use

That said removing the tag requirement and making it so the t2 skills apply wouldn’t hurt faction guns.
The tag requirement makes everything that shares a tag type be dictated by the most valued item that uses the tag, and effectively makes many items not worth using. Opening them up to find their own LP value instead makes for healthier stores And more more bling kms.
And the t2 skills not applying dates to when they couldn’t even use t2 ammo at all.

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I think these are some good points, but making tags worth LP would also drive down the value of LP (and tags). I mean, I wouldn’t mind. But it’s my understanding that LP constitutes a significant portion of missioners’ incomes. So, they might not be so keen on the idea.

I think if anything it would raise the price of tags as demand would skyrocket. Being able to get LP not running missions would be very appealing to a lot of people.

Farming tags is still rather difficult as the only place to get a good constant supply is FW missions, and that locks you to low sec as well as the missions always being 10+ jumps from the agent(lots of room for trouble) so supply will most likely stay where it is or increase slightly

As a mission runner myself I would welcome not having to purchase tags to redeem my LPs on the good stuff. If faction mods are cheaper/easier to get that will increases the demand on the market as more pvp people will start blinging their ships. Hopefully keeping the Isk/LP relatively the same, if not more

I like the idea of handing in tags for LP. I like the idea of faction weapons getting the dps boost from T2 skills.

I dont want faction weapons to become cheaper and more widespread though. They will just start to replace T2 as some faction mods already do. They should remain rare and expensive.

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isn’t that what the officer modules are for?

I feel the same, faction gear shouldn’t necessarily be top shelf loot, that’s what officer and dead space loot is for

Officer mods are extreme rare and expensive.

If faction modules replace T2 (which could genuinely happen), there will be no purpose for T2. Faction mods should remain rare. Not as rare as officer mods, but significantly more expensive than T2.

Its already not ‘top shelf’. You’re suggesting making it standard gear.

Not standard, moderately above standard

Thats where it is NOW.

As long as faction gear stays triple the price of their T2 counterpart they will never replace cheaper options. I’m just suggesting we bring the price down from 20+ times the price of their T2 brothers

My point exactly,

Caldari navy web - 53 mil
Stasis web II - 1 mil

53 times the price

CCP could mod the LP and isk cost to get said faction modules to keep it costing around 10-15 mil

So instead of 1 pilot buying caldari web to fit to ship 6 will, selling more isk worth of the module than when it’s more expensive

Maybe we could even see deadspace module variants of weapons damage mods, scrams and webs to warrant faction gear being cheaper. Far fetched idea though

Doing that isn’t like flipping a switch.

The Fed navy stasis web is obviously worth the price because people keep buying it. It deserves to be 53 times the price and probably shouldn’t be cheaper.

Faction weapons i can understand, but upping their dps and making them objectively better than T2 in every way will increase their use and you will see more trade.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure you’re wrong. But my knowledge of economics is limited to what I learned from crash course economics. So, I think I’ll just leave it at that, rather than possibly say something stupid.

I’ll risk saying something stupid lol

It’s supply and demand

If they’re cheaper and easier to produce supply will go up, decreasing the price, when price goes down demand will go up since faction modules are better than T2 mods.

More people will buy faction gear now that they’re more affordable, making the isk trade per day equal to or more for the same module since more pilots will be buying them

This is why I also suggested making it a T2 module required to redeem a faction module, that way a T1 and T2 module had to be made and bought/sold in every faction mod

All this is subject to underlying supply/demand curves.

Take Fleet 200mm Autocannons. They are very expensive, not because everyone wants them, but because almost no one wants to supply them.
Why does no one want to supply them? because no one wants to buy them.
Why does no one want to buy them? because they aren’t very good.

If Fleet 200mm Autos were better, demand would go up and supply would follow. You’d probably find that they actually get cheaper if they were better.

This is contrast to the FedNavy Webs. They are in demand and hundreds are sold every single day. They are obviously worth the isk and there is no real need to make them cheaper.

At the end of the day, the proposal to make faction mods cheaper is simply another way of saying: ‘I want faction mods to replace T2 mods more often’

And that would honestly suck in my opinion. It’s technically a buff to every ship in the game. Its a buff to isk/h.

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