Pirate Faction Buff!

This post is to vent and also to call for an overhaul on current LP Store for pirate factions and other null sec factions. This post will cover a few things, one what’s broke with the current pirate LP stores. Faction loot, (Ratters vs Mission Runners [high sec factions/HSMR] vs Mission Runners [null sec factions /NULMR]); the disparate treatment of NULMR LP value and effects on current market. Last the suggested changes.

LP Store Pirate Factions:

Current only the high sec factions, Amarr, Gallente, Caldari, Minmatar have all their faction items in their LP stores. Whereas their counterparts Blood Raiders, Sansha, Serpentis, Guristas, & Angle Cartel are fictionally as advanced if not more, have scraps to offer capsuleers that wish to venture into the dark side of Eve mission running. Example, armor hardeners, invul fields, Ballistic control’s etc… These things should be allowed to be purchased through pirate faction LP.

Faction Loot

With little effort HSMR & Ratters can obtain pirate faction loot through the destruction of pirate faction ships as a day to day norm. Whereas NULMR, grind, duck & dodge gate camps, avoid cloaky probers & dictors, while competing with entity’s that exert less effort for the same goods. Also, in general you can’t kill a Federation Navy Megathron in hopes it will drop Federation Navy loot. This marginalization of a niche has slowly drop market value and LP value for pirate factions, I feel to an all-time low.

The Fix

The fix itself is removing all faction drops from all “deadspace” encounters. This means ratting. Making Pirate faction loot exclusive to the LP store just like high sec factions. Retooling all pirate LP stores to accommodate all their factions, faction items. Extra would be to simplify pirate faction loot names and bonuses. Example. Shadow Serpentis & Sereintis items to just one or the other. Replace the faction loot drops with chance of Deadspace ones. Running a heaven is technically operating in “Deadspace”, so it’s not a bad idea. The Last thing would be to roll out the other pirate faction capitals with these fixes.

Please Comment, Like. I hope I persuaded a few CCP Devs.

What? I must be in the wrong hisec


This threw me too.

On the other hand, it’s a fair argument, at least from a lore perspective.

The result would probably not be as predicted. The faction items would probably drop precipitously in price as they would become much more available, especially for cherry picked superior items.

It might also result in some more missioners moving to pirate space, though I doubt that would be significant unless more work was done for PvE and developing the pirate factions to bring benefit to having good pirate faction ratings.

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You’d be messing with my income in a big way with this change, so I need to hear why missioning for pirates should cut into everybody else’s ratting profits.

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Will the idea is to remove lp store items and replace with other more specific to your niche of income. Plex items are niche to deadspace sites. Just like the sister of eve ships are only in their stores. This makes their lp specific to them and to the market.

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