Re-work of Faction guns/modules and how you get them

End all be all what your saying rings true, I don’t want T2 mods replaced but I do want to see faction mods used more ubiquitously in combat.

Pretty sure making all of these changes would lead to massive amounts of power creep.

Yeah performance upgrades aside, you do have a good point, even though it’s one you missed with addressing this topic:
-Having rewards for your missions require a static key type while having the missions offering random keys inconsistently is bad gameplay.

From what I understand the idea was to ensure that tag supply stays relatively distributed evenly, but that’s still not the case with how bounty tics work for pirate npcs vs navy npcs. Empire faction navy ships in missions always drop tags, but have no bounties themselves. This ofc is done so people can make money in nullsec from killing targets, but it’s still a stone-dead stupid design choice.

Literally all they would have to do is alter tag drop rates for pirate npcs to reflect their bounties, and have people turn those tags into their alliance ESS if in null for money, or at one of the secondary empires like the Syndicate or Khanid Kingdom LP store taking pirate tags, with the main empires taking their faction enemy’s tags. Fixing the tag system that LP stores use CANNOT happen without addressing this; they likely have never tried to alter this because of how heavily this is used as a source of income by players, so any alterations to it would have to be perfect. People would probably be upset they can’t get instant money any more, but all they’d have to do still is just warp to their ESS and deposit them, or use them in the LP store they’re missioning out of.

This mindset too is stone-dead stupid, because we have a test server for them to try out ideas like this on, and if it doesn’t work, it just doesn’t make it to TQ. I have never understood the idea they have stuck in their had that stuff they feature on Singularity HAS to eventually make it to TQ, instead of featuring solutions to current game issues that get picked by the CSM and/or their dev team to be featured on singularity, and see how they play out while the community tries to poke holes in it for a few months.

So yeah you’re on the right track, but the problem isn’t the tags specifically, it’s how bounty tics prevent the tags from being used in a rational capacity in the LP store and elsewhere.