New Advanced Faction Damage Modules

How about this?

We can already get Faction Damage Modules through the LP store and on the open market, which typically cost 100m+ ISK. What about a more advanced version of Faction damage mods, available in the same way, but with higher damage modifiers, for a higher cost? It would give the same stats as the best Officer damage mods, such as Estamel, or Tobias. Here’s an example based on the popular Caldari Navy Ballistic control system of what the stats and requirements could be:

Advanced Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System
Damage modifier: +14.5%
Rate of Fire: +11%
Requires: Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System, 600,000LP, +100m ISK

These would make mods with Officer stats available to many more players, with of course the ability to use Mutaplasmids on them too, to achieve the same Abyssal stats potential that you can with Officer Abyssals.

I’m interested to see people’s views on this, with ideas of course :slight_smile:

If we want Officer mods, then we pay for them or go find them.

We don’t need cheaper versions of those rare items.


Thanks for your opinion, let’s see what others say.

We don’t need more artificial power-creep. Faction modules are fine as they are.


You never really explain why the game needs this.


@Scipio_Artelius said it best…


If we want Officer mods, then we pay for them or go find them.

We don’t need cheaper versions of those rare items.


If we want Officer mods, then we pay for them or go find them.

We don’t need cheaper versions of those rare items.


Does that mean you didn’t like the introduction of Abyssal Mutaplasmids either, and the high potential they give modules?

What does this have to do with your idea?

I actually love the idea, because it involves taking a very expensive and/or hard to acquire item and combining it with another very expensive and/or hard to acquire item that yields a possibility of having better stats along with the risk of ending up worse than before.

What you’re proposing would be like using a mutaplasmid on a basic item with gauranteed massive benefits. There’s no risk, less cost, and nearly as much benefit.


Or what we would call power-creep. Neither is good for the game.


What it has to do with my idea, is that it is the same overall Theme. The Theme is Improved Module Stats for players to use to their advantage. Mutaplasmids allow you to mutate modules to give you better stats. This gives a much broader group of players access to modules with the power of Officer/Deadspace mods, when before they couldn’t because of the high prices. I made the point about using it for Abyssals in my OP.

What I am proposing here, is to take that a step further, by allowing officer-quality damage mods to be made available by other means, not just null-sec ratting. This would allow access to officer-quality mods for a broader group of players, and give them more control over which modules they have access to by allowing them to work for through the LP store, if they desire. They could mutate that new module as well, to give equal stats to a mutated Officer mod.

For example, at the moment, you can mutate Estamel’s BCS with a mutaplasmid to potentially give the best damage stats in the game. But the cost of Estamel’s damage mod makes this accessible to only the wealthiest players in the game. I aim to make this available to more players, for some time investment of course. Note the cost of the module I gave in the example would be around 1billion ISK, so it’s not cheap.

So it is perfectly relevant.

You start out wrong.
Mutaplasmids are a random chance at rolling good stats, and even then, you often brick one or two other attributes.
Your idea would effectively just guarantee modules with the highest tier stats AND also be open to further Mutaplasmids.

They are already available. You need to pay for them or hunt them yourself.

Why is more access to “Officer-quality mods” to more players a good thing? This just sounds entirely like power creep.

It’s really not. You’re trying to attach your idea to something that already exists in game to make it seem like your idea isn’t completely trash.


Thanks! It’s always nice to get some support in, instead of the Trolls who try to de-rail a post early on.

Just to be clear, you do realize that I totally oppose your idea, right?

I love the idea of combining mutaplasmids with officer modules, but what your proposing is just flat out wrong. More power creep, less risk. No bueno.


People raised concerns about Mutaplasmids and Abyssals causing a never-ending Meta-game, but they still got introduced anyway.

Those concerns were different, at least as I recall them. The concern there was that mutaplasmids would make maintaining balance overall more difficult to control and less about overall power creep since the results weren’t gauranteed to be positive and you still needed rare and/or expensive items in order to get the best results.

What you’re proposing would just shift power upwards because you’re injecting a new source of high quality items that are directly available for sale.

(I know, this may seem pedantic, but I am talking about two different things here.)

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