Mutaplasmids on Calari Navy Ballistic Control System


I am considering using mutaplasmids to try and improve the stats of my Caldari Ballistic Controls…

Is it worth the risk? Has anybody else tried this, and if so, what result did they get?

Welcome to the beautiful world of gambling, my friend.

No outcome is sure, no outcome can be predicted. You can as well throw your BCU on the same level as Estamel’s modified one, or you can make it the equivalent of a Civilian tech module, and have only your eyes left to cry.

I’d say don’t. Keep your module and use it on a ship or sell it because those things are worth quite a bit, but please, don’t become one more soul lost to gambling.

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It is not.
if you have many and you wont cry your self to bed if you get bad roll it can yield you officer stats module with a click.

officer bcu 7 bill(out of arse number)
muta BCU with same stats around bill and a half.

it is very worth the risk

sold that for 7b :aussiecongaparrot:

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I might try it on the next set of BCS I build from a LP store blueprint :wink:


Ok, so I tried it with the Gravid Mutaplasmids, because I like to put the odds in my favour, and got something worth going for. I’ve got something like an extra 4% dps overall on my Golem. I definitely like this new aspect of the game :parrotwave7: Thanks

I just used an Unstable Mutaplasmid and managed to get this puppy:

I’m a happy boy :congaparrot:

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Anybody want to buy this?..


Got to be one of the best X-Large Shield Boosters in the game. Gives a whopping 5.78 HP/GJ base boost, before skills and ship bonuses. Tested on my Golem this gives 8.83 HP/GJ, with Bastion switched on, it becomes 17.66 HP/GJ. Probably the closest you will ever come to Cap Stability with an X-Large Shield Booster. It almost doubles the life of my Cap from the Gist X-Type Booster I normally use. :parrotwave6:

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