Why no Ship multaplasmids?

Hey CCP,

I think you might be missing a trick here, why haven’t you released Ship characteristics stat modification mutaplasmids?

You could charge a little plex on the side, similar to the new skinner feature to get players to buy more plex.

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If you want to modify ships, you should use modules. :wink:

And if you wish to have randomised modded stats, those modules can be randomised with mutaplasmids already! I see little reason to let people randomise ship stats twice, because that sounds like a balance nightmare to me.


Balance would go completely out the window.

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Someone likes pay to win games I see.

It’s fine to charge PLEX for cosmetics, because they don’t have gameplay implications. It is not okay to charge PLEX for extra stats.

As to the crux of the op:

I don’t really have issues with this, even though people could buy PLEX and sell it on the in game market to achieve those stats, at least it uses the game market to do so.

If CCP does something like this though, it should be a part of a rogue drone expansion. Mutaplasmids for ships to turn your ship into a rogue drone. And a quirk of it, would be if you leave the ship unoccupied in space, it’ll fly off and do it’s own thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

If it’s not broken with the current mutas, then it would be fine with ship hulls too.

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How so?

With current mutaplasmids CCP has direct control over the range of random attributes they allow by changing one variable.

If they were to also allow players to roll ship stats players can stack both rolls.

CCP now has to balance a system with multiple randomized rolls stacked on top of each other, which is a lot harder to balance than a single system.

For example, imagine rolling some modules for reduced powergrid usage.
Next, you get the ability to roll the amount of powergrid on your ship.

Suddenly oversized modules aren’t an exceptional fitting choice anymore, but the norm.

Muta modules will never be the norm. I’d be interested to know how many people use muta mods, but I’d bet not even half the player population even knows they exist.

That said, if fitting over sized became the norm would that really be an issue? If all ships can do it, then it all balances out.

My guess, is any positive impact you’d get from pg / cpu would mainly allow players to remove fitting modules and rigs to make use of more practical items. You’d not likely be able to upscale beyond what’s already possible to upscale to.