Ship SKIN Mutaplasmids

New variants of mutaplasmid either randomizes or gives player agency to alter color values of an unlicensed ship skin token you pair with it. Already licensed (applied to character) skins cannot be modified.

Process consumes existing ship skin token and gives either a 30-day, 90-day, or permanent variant. Lower level Mutaplasmids only allow for color ‘randomization’ that CCP defines. Higher level mutaplasmids open up color controls to players and have stronger chance to produce permanent skin licenses.

When applied, abyssal modified skins overwrite existing skin license per their category, but may be changed back if player applies a vanilla skin license.

If CCP wants more monetization control of this they could limit to number of active Abyssal SKIN license slots to 1 (alpha) and 5 (omega). Beyond that you pay plex to open additional licensing slots.

That would be a punishment to people who are collectors of skins. It would also allow people to attempt to alter ship skins into a flesh tone and we’d have flying flacids so this will never happen.

Honestly, this sounds like a waste of Dev time. There are more pressing issues like FW, tieracide, HAC rebalancing, a cal/mim ship line.

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They may be pressing issues, but do those things have the same potential to milk $$$ with low creative overhead by getting people to mutate existing SKIN stockpiles (with rolls only offering the ‘possibility’ of making them permanent skins again).

Besides altering SKIN color (either randomly, by player choice or CCPs ultimate creative discretion), mutations could add flames, aura clouds, lightning arcs, or holograms which CCP has already released to select ships.


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