Why In The World Would One Use These Mutaplasmid Items?

Am I missing something here? The left/right and up/down just doesn’t add up on these items.

For some reason, you have to click the image twice to be able to read the fine print. :psycsm:

Yes, increased scram range really sucks…


I like how the decayed one is red for activation cost no matter what you roll.

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Cause my vindicator now has a 98% web slowing effect.


Is it increased 50% of the time? I haven’t tried these yet.

It modified the item within the range given, permanently, could be up or down given the ranges shown.

No, each version shows you a range of % value that it can take.

For instance in your example, the Unstable will have between +50% CPU costs and -20% CPU costs.

But, it is kind of misleading, since really this does not reflect the truth about the RNG numbers on most modules.

Very often it is “rigged” towards one result. For instance, PG and CPU usage are highly rigged towards going into red, negative, whatever the numbers on the Mutaplasmid say. It’s not a normal distribution as the info-page would suggest.

Likewise, there is also positive “rigged” numbers, where you regularly get more positive results than statistically reasonable, for instance Armor HP and such.

edit: and to your orginal question. People use them out of boredom, to gamble on making a profit, to make previously impossible fits possible, to improve their current fits a bit. It may not look like much, but it’s quite powerful if you can shut down your opponents MWD from a range where they need heat or faction to counter it.


It’s just flat distributed… Every possible number in that range has the same chance to appear. (Which just means higher chance for bad, if the bad range is larger)

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I have done quite a few tests with hundreds of items each and my findings were that it’s not flat distribution, but “rigged” towards a positive or negative result depending on the specific stat and type of Mutaplasmid. If I recall correctly, CCP Rise even said so himself, when asked about the specific RNG behind that.

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What do you mean by not flat because rigged ?

If the range +30% to -10% for example for PG, a flat distribution would be rigged, with an average at +10% PG. Flat distribution only mean that there will be as many +10% PG as there will be +30% and -10% rolls. Each value has the same chance of happening with a flat distribution.

Another usual distribution is the normal distribution, also called gaussian, where rolling the average is far more likely than the extremes. Like you would have 50% chance of rolling a mod with 0% to +20% PG for example (depending on sigma).

But you can also have other distributions, like a distribution that would make 75% chance to roll between +20 and +30% PG.

Which kind of rigged distribution are you talking about ? I’m curious. Do we even know it ?


I put rigged into " ", under the assumption that displaying the range for a RNG, will lead players to believe that they’re dealing with flat distribution - which it is not. It’s also not normal distribution either - or at least not for all stats.

We don’t. We could try to find out. It would appear that distribution varies from stat to stat and plasmid to plasmid.

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I’m not going to waste time and ISK testing it at this point. CCP didn’t put it on the test server for “test purposes” so, meh.

I thought they did very early on, before the first launch, but I could be wrong. They don’t have it on Serenity, because otherwise we could easily map out the distribution on each stat and Mutaplasmid.

One of the goals of Mutaplasmids is to create a giant sink for material, such as faction items. This increases the demand and value of these items, which is not bad for PVE explorers.

More or less it works like this now:
Rich player A buys (Faction Items, Mutaplasmids) from (maybe not so rich) PVE player. Rich player A then rolls a lot of them and sells to Rich player B. Rich player A mostly takes the risk of bad rolls.

If the exact chances to roll X become public knowledge, so if we’d know the distribution, it could very well happen that players stop rolling, because they’d understand that the gamble they’re taking is statistically not in their favor.

I think this is the main reason, why they didn’t tell us any details, just CCP Rise mentioning that it’s not normal or flat distribution.


That is an exploit. You should ticket your scram module that is effecting your web so you don’t get banned for cheating later.

There is no way possible within the rules to increase a webifiers effectiveness by using scrambler mutasplasmids.


Exactly! But I can tell right now…gambling is bad.

Depends. Some people are having fun with it. I was worried about other people getting too addicted and I’ve seen it happening already. But it seems neither CCP nor the majority of players sees it like this, so I guess it’s just how it is.

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Mutaplasmids… what’s that? Some kind of purple drop?
(yeah don’t start I quit that game at the end of 2007 and never looked back)

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Login, contract me all your stuff?


Mutaplasmids are a way of slightly changing current modules. Yes you will get bad rolls but you can get good rolls.