Capacitor Batteries: Capacitor Warfare Resistance Stats and Mutaplasmids Need Fixing

Hello EvE people I noticed a problem with the New Cap Batteries Mutaplasmids. The Capacitor Warfare Resistance Stat is been affected with an oposite effect do to the nature of the stat being a negative number.

If u mutate a cap battery and you get a change toward the green side on the Capacitor Warfare Resistance stat you end up losing benefit rather than gaining it because the base stat is a negative number. So for example if you start with -25% and you get a green increase of +3 points you end up losing 3% capacitor warfare resistance. And if it changes to the red side you end up gaining capacitor warfare resistance. Correct me if I am wrong but I think that if it goes to the green side it should be an improvement and not the other way around?

So is tightening it out of the question?

I don’t understand you question. I am just letting people know about something I found in game working the oposite way as it was intended.

“loose” with two o means it needs tightening.

The correct usage is “lose” for the loss of something.

Ok sorry for spelling English is not my native language, ill fix it.

It’ll be faster fixing your typo than the issue with the battery mutaplasmids. Maybe by Fall…

not like this bug had not already been explained …

Where was explained? I never saw it.

not to you, you are right to report it.

Maybe if another 100 or so players report it they’ll get around to it by Fall.

The bug is that the attribute “EnergyWarfareResistance” (id 2267 ) has the flag “highisgood” set to true while the values of the attribute for the modules (eg censer, id 23803) is negative (-25%).

The correct version is the one of the ShieldHardener group : the eg EM resist has highisgood set to false, with the value of this attribute being set to negative(-52.5% for the nugget)

Quality assurance testing at its best.
Welcome to EVE Beta Test Online.

bugs happen everywhere.

Only people who never had to deal with industry dev believe there is a way to make “safe code” in a real environment.

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Pretty glaring bug that should’ve been caught the first time you activated it. That’s not even QA - that’s basic testing 101.

I think it was not exactly presented this way.

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