Accelerators and Cap Resistance?

Hi all

2 questions.

1st is about Cerebral Accelerators. I know once you use them they persist through death, because I died and it did so. But do they persist on clone jump ? If I clone jump I won’t be able to jump back until the next day. Will I lose that accelerator time ?

What about regular boosters ? Do I lose their effects if I clone jump or do they go with me until the the boost time expires ?

2nd question is with regards to capacitor batteries and capacitor drain resistance. I know that stacking modules of same stats / effects gives diminishing returns. But I also know that there are select few modules which bypass this or only allow one effect of a single module to be present.

So I would like to make sure about the capacitor drain resistance on capacitor batteries. If I were to use 2 of them, will that give me more resistance then using a single one but just with regular stacking penalties ? or is there more to these particular modules that I don’t know about ?

I fit a ship with 2 of them in the simulator, but it doesn’t list or tell me my ships total capacitor resistance stat anywhere, or I can’t find it.



They’re gone when you jump clone or get podded.

Stacking penalties apply as normal.

Post it here as a suggestion.

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