Question on cerebral accelerators

  1. Do these things stack? Meaning, if you pop one, then turn around and pop another one, will the effect stack?

  2. How effective are these things?

  1. They dont stack, you can use only one each time.

  2. It depends from your Biology-Level skill and your implants. But in any case they’re very effective, you can save many hours/days from your training-time.

They do not stack; boosters go into your character sheet into “slots” much like implants do, so you consume one and that’s it.

The effectiveness is linear. The “base” formula for your attributes (int, per, wil, mem, cha) is this:

skill points trained per minute = primary attribute + 1/2 secondary attribute

So if you are currently training a skill, let’s say (Armor) Repair Systems, and the skill info page says this skill uses Intelligence and Memory as its attributes, and your character sheet shows 24 intelligence and 20 memory, then this skill will gain 24 + 10 = 34 points per minute = 48960 points per day (approx 50k points per day).

Now if you put in +3 attribute implants, and you consume a cerebral accelerator that gives +12 to all attributes for 1 day, then for 1 day you will gain 39 + 17.5 = 56.6 points per minute = 81360 points per day (for the one day that you have that booster).

So basically your attributes increase from 24/20 to 39/35, and that’s a 62.5% increase. And as a result your skill training time is faster by 63% or so.

If the booster is NOT an attribute booster, but gives a bonus to some skill or performance, then you simply get that bonus. 30% to warp disruption range, for example, depends on the warp disruptor that you use. Normally warp disruptors have 20 km range, so with the bonus that becomes 24 km.

But certain ships can give a huge bonus to warp disruptors so they function all the way to 60km range, so in that case with the booster those ships will be able to warp disrupt to 72km.

Supposedly these things still work even if you plug them in, then jump to another clone?

You can jump clones as you wish, the booster will be still on. Even if you are podded, it is still on.
The booster with 10 points attribute boost will give you 10 + 5 =15 skill points each minute on whatever you are just training. That is 15 x 60 x 24 = 21600 additional skill points per day. Duration of the booster is increased by your biology skill. It is double on skill V.

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yes my 22 day training time went all the way down to 22 days

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With Biology skill at 0 you are getting 21,600 skillpoints from the guardian angels standard accelerator. WIth biology at lvl 5 using the advanced accelerator you get 51,840 skillpoints.

The standard is already selling for ~15m and the advanced for ~35m. Both prices are sure to go much lower.

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