Why buy a Master at Arms Cerebral Accelerator when I can just buy a small skill injector?

Maybe I am missing something but doesn’t a small skill injector give more skill points than a Cerebral Accelerator plus it is instant? I can’t figure out why someone would buy A Cerebral Accelerator but I was thinking maybe it has a use I don’t know about?

Master at Arms doesn’t give you a set number of skill points. It boosts training time by giving you attribute points. Booster duration is affected by one of the skills, (Biology) and a skill injector depends on how many points you already have…so you just have to do the math yourself depending on your situation and see which one works better for you.


when you get over a certain lvl of skill points the injectors loose their benefit/isk.

Cerebral Accelerators increase clones attributes from 7points upto 12points. The Master-at-arms is one of two that are always available, while others are time/event limited.
The other is the Standard version, but this has limitation to its use and has lower benefits than the Master.

Master-at-arms will increase all clone attributes by 10points and willl max implant skills run for 48hours.

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Yeah, the isk to sp ratio gets worse and worse as you move up the injector penalty brackets. By the time you hit 80mil total SP, you’re paying over 5.7k isk / SP. A Master at Arms Cerebral Accelerator does take time to deliver it’s SP, and it’s not unallocated, but it does come with about a 2.9k isk / SP ratio.

By the way, you might want to check out my series on all things SP related. It’s basically a boring powerpoint lecture, but there’s definitely some good info in there.

It may not be a problem for you but for players who are over 10 years old, when it comes to injecting us, they do not give us enough experience points as new players. This is why we love boosters…

Thanks everyone for your replies. It makes sense now.

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