Boosters vs Injectors

So Daddy likes spending his bacon and training stuff double time. I’ve remaped my skills to intelligence max and then memory. Biology is maxed to 5 to get the most out of say a master at arms. But my question is that more cost elective then a skill injector as far as points gained over isk spent. I’m at like 11mil skill points atm.

A standard +10 booster will earn you 900 sp/hour or 43,200 sp with biology 5. An injector will give you 400,000 sp but it costs more than 10x as much as the booster. On the other hand - the injector gives you the SP instantly, boosters will take 3 weeks.

Just have to do some basic maths.

I think you get an average of about an extra 15 skillpoints a minute with the Master at arms bonus.

So thats 43,200 in 48 hours that you get as bonus skillpoints.

You get 400,000 skillpoints from an injector. That is 9 Master at arms worth of skill boosters.

Thats 100 mill each skill booster, and around 800 for a skill injector.

So if you are buying, it is better to buy an injector.

Thanks guys.

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