Master-At-Arms Cerebral Accelerator, or Skill Injector?

So, I’m under 8mil skill points right now, and need to shorten training times. Which would give more sp of the two, a Master-At-Arms accelerator, or a Small Skill Injector?

at that point injectors are still better.

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Skill injectors are generally better for low skill characters, and accelerators are typically better for higher skill characters. However, if you want to know for certain, do some math.

Isk per SP for Accelerators = Price / (Attribute Bonus * 90 * Duration in hours)
Isk per SP for Injectors (0-5mil total SP) = Price / 500,000
Isk per SP for Injectors (5-50mil total SP) = Price / 400,000
Isk per SP for Injectors (50-80mil total SP) = Price / 300,000
Isk per SP for Injectors (80+mil total SP) = Price / 150,000

Do note that BIology V will double the duration of cerebral accelerators. There is also an implant line that can increase it further, and that you only need to be in a clone with that implant when popping the accelerator in order to get the benefits. IMHO, it’s not really worth juggling clones for the 48 hour accelerators, as you mostly end up with timer creep. However, it’s definitely more worthwhile for Expert accelerators.


Assuming Biology 5, and Jita pricing:

Master-At-Arms: 113,300,000.00 ISK/43,200 SP = 2,623 ISK/SP
Expert Cerebral Accelerator: 1,050,000,000.00 ISK/432,000 SP = 2,431 ISK/SP
Small Skill Injector: 161,900,000.00 ISK/80,000 SP = 2,024 ISK/SP


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