Boosters or Mini Skill Injectors?

I’m trying to work out which is the most cost effective option, so can anyone tell me how many skill points one of the current events Boosters is worth if you have Biology 5?

The calculation is fairly easy: You get +10 to all attributes, so +10 to your primary and secondary ones for whatever skill you are training. That’s +15 SP per minute. At Biology V, the booster lasts 48 hours. You can figure out the rest.

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I can indeed, cheers :slight_smile: o7


48 hours x 60 minutes = 2,880 minutes // 2,880 minutes x 15 SP = 43,200 SP

A mini injector is 100,000 skill points (if your skills are low enough to get full whack from it)

So unless I miss my guess at current prices Boosters are overpriced right now, injectors it is then :slight_smile:

Yup! That sounds about right.

The advantage of accelerators is that they do not drop in value the more SP you have. Generally, if you have a lot of SP, you also have a lot of isk. My analysis is that they are worth more to the older, richer players who are the ones competing to get accelerators.

Older players make enough isk doing other activities that it is not worth it for them to try to get the accelerators themselves. They can carrier rat for a couple hours to get your accelerator and have isk left over, whereas hunting for an injector would leave them with less isk in the end (and lets face it, warping to sites, competing with others and slowboating to bump wrecks isn’t the greatest of experience). The younger players who can get more from the small injectors, should just sell accelerators instead of using them and if they care about SP, buy injectors from the profits, otherwise be happy that their isk/hr is higher than usual (hopefully).

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