Expert Cerebral Accelerator

How many SP is this worth?
Is it better to use this or sell it and buy a large skill injector?

What are the stats, I can calculate for you.

Accelerated Skillpoints (alpha) 108,000.00
Accelerated Skillpoints (omega) 216,000.00

How do they come up with these numbers?
Is this with or without remapping your skill plan?

At Omega speed, you train 1 SP per primary attribute point and .5 SP per secondary attribute point per minute.

So (8 + 4) * 60 (m) * 24 (h) * 12.5 (d) = 216,000

Half of that is 108,000, for Alpha.

But also, remember that the Biology skill increases booster duration by 20% per level, so you can double the total SP value with the skill at level 5.

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YES, by all means, buy a large skill injector… buy two or three, never know when you’ll need one.

OP was asking about Cerebral Accelerators, not about Skill Injectors.


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Ahh, ok.

Would have been a lot more clear if you had included ‘sell the Accelerator’ in your reply.

Anyway, my mistake. Carry on…

Yes, sorry. I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed but I cut nonetheless.

is it worth it? i mean how much isk/SP ???

It has roughly the efficiency of injecting a 50-80 million SP character (when you get taxed 40% of the injector amount). Any character below 50 million skill points is better off with an injector. Over 80 million, the accelerator is much more ISK-efficient.


Having Biology at V doubles the Duration of that Booster.

The BY-810 Implant gives another 10% Duration for the Booster.

So you can double the SP Numbers above.

Edit: I’ve just tried it with BY-810 and Biology V. It gives you a total of 660 Hours of Boost aka 27.5 Days :

Best Thing is, you can change your Implants and the boosted Time remains the same. So you only need the BY-810 Implant when you consume the Booster.


Whaaaaaat? How did I not know about this?

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Depends on your Biology skill.

“20% bonus per level to attribute booster duration”

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