Skill Injector at AIR LABORATORIES

Just a thought on NPE
To CCP… Just curious. What’s the purpose for the AIR Skill Injector we get when we dock at the AIR LABORATORIES station?
It only gives 250sp. I don’t mean to appear ungrateful, I mean thank you but when the sp cap is up to 50,000,000, what is 250 going to avail me?
Is the gift meant to teach me how to use one? If yes, mission accomplished. Otherwise, I don’t see much use to it. Myself, I would’ve provided a new player with about 50,000sp or enough to complete the 3rd tier of the mastery training for the starter ship we start with. That would’ve been useful to start Career missions while training on the modules and ships that the career agents hand out. Just a thought.
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Next you gonna tell us you’ve already spent all the 5’000 ISK provided… :wink:


:sweat_smile: I wonder why they even bothered with that.

first off , soft SP cap is 5mil hard SP cap is 20 mil
The Daily Alpha Injector gives you 50k SP (and is useable by alphas only)

(these are dependent on how much SP you currently have)
Small Skill Injector gives you between 30k and 100k SP
Large Skill Injector gives you between 150k and 500k SP

for 250sp its basically just teaching you how to use injectors.
remaining as an alpha, the Daily alpha injector is the way to go especially when you hit the 5 mil cap.

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I thought so. Thanks for the info on Skill Injectors :+1:

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