Damage Con Mutaplasmids only affect hull resists

Just noticed this after rolling one, it appears the resist profiles for armor and shield aren’t affected at all, not sure if intended, this kinda makes them near worthless as the only stat that matters in say an ADC is actually duration of the ADC Panic.

Would be nice to get a ruling if that is what is intended, currently its going to have zero impact as very few ships are dedicated hull tanking and even an amazing roll on a shield/armor ship maybe nets you a few hundo EHP.

Edit: Also ADCs modified with mutaplasmids don’t have any change to stats whatsoever when in panic mode, you can only change the panic duration, all resist bonuses remain at 75% for Shield/Arm/Hull. The mutaplasmid only changes the non-panic hull resists.

These things are super terribad, I hope its an oversight.

So mutaplasmids have limited use on adc.

Good! The less impact items from the instances have on the real sandbox the better.


If someone managed to roll a low fit requirement DC they would make heaps if it was low enough to fit freighters.

Think of that tank fit. Massive HP with a higher resist…

Good that would have been too over-powered and bad for the game overall.

EDIT On reflection the base shield and armour stats should perhaps be modified, however the burst stats should not be changed as that would be overpowered.

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