Level resistances

Hello, im trying to make a cookie cutter ship fit that doesent feel significantly worse in some situations than others im not interested in min maxing atm :slight_smile: So i propose new shield and armor modules that adds up resistances and then divides it by four and then applies them equally across all 4 damage types. Rounded up if necessary. All else being equal, if the shield module is fitted on for example a Coercer, the shield resistances will go from:

0 / 20 / 40 / 50 to 28 / 28 / 28 / 28

Wouldn’t that be sexy?

SOCT ships are that way, troll. ->>

Go back to tictoc your attention span is clearly to short for this place and also you are toxic, maybe some dancing smiling people is what you need

For armor, you can probably get away with a reactive armor hardener for a similar effect. If you are taking omni damage, it will even your resistances. If you are taking only one damage type, it will apply all its bonus to that type (eventually). The penalty being it takes time to react. If your foe swaps types the hardener will not be tuned to the new type right away. By default it will apply an equal bonus to each type (as opposed to plugging holes and evening your overall resist profile) and slowly adjust from there when you start taking damage.

(As an advanced aside, Damage Controls, Bastion Modules, and Reactive Armor Hardeners belong to a separate group as far as stacking penalties go. If you fit just one of them, it will not count towards any stacking penalties. If you fit two, then one of the two will be penalized, but none of your other modules will notice they exist for the purposes calculating their stacking penalties. This is one of the reasons fitting a Damage Contol is often a no-brainer as it and one other module can both provide their full bonus.)

SoCT ships and the the Pacifier-Enforcer-Marshal line have even resistances, if you’re looking into that sort of thing.

Other ships have their own known weaknesses and strengths that you can play with. You could plug resistance holes with modules or use their uneven profiles to cheese tank, like how Ishtars can survive any incoming damage from Guristas NPCs due to their incredible innate kinetic shield resistances.

But to make all resistances even of a ship with innate uneven resistances shouldn’t be as easy as slapping on a single module, that would make it too easy to completely negate known resistance holes of a ship.

… although, there is a way to even all resistances on any ship!

Polarized weapons. :grin:


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