Why has CCP thrown another resistance debuff on armour?

It’s only been a few months ago since the big resistance debuff on resistances.

So why has CCP just added another 10% debuff to armour resistance modules only?

Seem odd to do another debuff after last big one, but really odd it’s only on armour.

Anyone got any idea as to why?

Shield modules got their additional rebalancing during the same patch that nerfed resists overall (18.04 - shield hardener tiericide):

This Tiericide pass coincides with the global 20% reduction in resistance values for all resistance modules, therefore for some modules that change might be different than 20% from the attributes on Tranquility before the patch.

Armor only had the overall resist nerf applied until now.

I’m assuming you’re referring to this? In case you got confused, this is a BUFF for layered coatings and adaptive nano membranes (now called multispectrum coating).
The A-type adaptive used to be ever so slightly worse than the C-type energized adaptive, but right now it’s actually better since the energized versions haven’t been rebalanced yet.
Invest in blingy energized adaptives now while they’re cheap! CCP will probably finish rebalancing on them next patch

Sorry, i’ll give you an easy example.
Let’s say you have 100 apples
1.08 * 100 apples = 108 apples
1.09 * 100 apples = 109 apples

109 is obviously greater than 108 right? That implies

apples * 1.08 < apples * 1.09

Now try changing apples to HP.

So yes, in fact this is actually a resistance BUFF for armour


had it that way around first time, but for some reason thought I had it wrong. Go figure

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