Cap Battery Mutaplasmid Bug

It says +X % Capacitor Warfare Resistance, but actually the same % is substracted from the original amount.

Plus, minus… pls change. Thanks.

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Did you make a bugreport in-game?

Haha. You’re funny…

I’d rather have it looked at and it seems there is a better chance if people talk about it. Also posting this here in case I’m being stupid and this isn’t actually a bug. The higher the CWR, the better, right? So when it says (green) + X%, it shouldn’t go minus X% - or am I not seeiing something?

Anyhow you are right, I should file a bug report. Will do.

Bumping this. No reply to Bug Report and no announcement yet.

Yeah, this is a weird one, if they flip it, will all the existing battery with warfare bonuses get flipped?

That would be pretty upsetting for those of us who are using cap batteries with a bonus to cap warfare resistance at the moment… I actually worked this out and rolled to get one that “worked” even though it appears that the cap warfare is the wrong way…

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It’s weird either way. For those who had “green” rolls now, it would be weird to just have it turned to red, despite it obviously being meant the other way around.

For those who currently went for red, because it’s actually better, it would suck too.

any word on this?

No. My best guess is they’ll just change it at some point and currently good modules will stay good.

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