Trying to understand Abyssal modifications

So am I understanding correctly, when mutating mods it is more desirable for red lower activation cost, less power grid, less CPU
high boosting or stats such as more HP for armor but less sig?

So red is good on things that cost but green is good for the HP and boosts but green is bad for power grid usage, etc?

Red (bad) modifications equals the following:

  • Increase the CPU need.
  • Increase the PowerGrid need.
  • Increase the Capacitor usage.
  • Decrease of Shield/Armor Repair amount.
  • Decrease of Shield/Armor HP (Extenders and Plates).
  • Decrease in optimal range of EW.
  • Decrease in Effectiveness of EW.
  • Etc…

Green (good) modifications equals the following:

  • Decrease the CPU need.
  • Decrease the PowerGrid need.
  • Decrease the Capacitor usage.
  • Increase of Shield/Armor Repair amount.
  • Increase of Shield/Armor HP (Extenders and Plates).
  • Increase in optimal range of EW.
  • Increase in Effectiveness of EW.
  • Etc…

Just because some RNG gives you bad rolls for CPU, PG and/or Cap usage does not necessarily make the overall end product (module) bad.

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Apart from Cap Batteries, where for an increase of Capacitor Warfare Resistance Bonus, the colorcoding is green, but the positive effect is actually a negative effect because an increase in Resistance means a higher Resistance, but since for Cap Batteries this property is for some reason expressed as a negative value to begin with, a positive change results in a net loss of Resistance.

Do you know if this is in the works?

p.s. example:
Base Capacitor Warfare Resistance Bonus: -25%

Mutation Success (green): +1%

-25% + 1% = -24%

New Capacitor Warfare Resistance Bonus: -24%

Which is not better, but worse than the Base, because it only deflects 24% of Neuting Amount instead of 25%.

Think it’s more like: - (25 + 1)% Cap Warfare resistance, which yields a -26% in total. Although I have not played with those mutaplasmids, yet.

Yes, that’s how it should be. But I filed a support ticket about a week ago, because it went: -25+1 = -24.
I haven’t heard anything back and I don’t want to roll more Batteries before I know this is fixed.

Thanks, kinda wish we could mod our ships in the same fashion would be interesting.

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