Multi Spec Shield Hardeners aren't showing buffs

I don’t know if anyone else is having this issue but I don’t see the bonuses from the mutli spec shield hardener being applied in the simulation or in the ship fitting window.

…are they outlined in green or red?

I put them into the mid slot and the shields don’t add hp but the subtract cap. I see that it actually does apply the hp in the simulation while green (on) or red (over heated).

If it applies to EHP then its probably working. Sometimes when you have excessively high resists the diminishing returns show only a couple % points of difference.

Not sure if it’s that but just thought I’d say.

Right. Well, in the active ship fitting it doesn’t apply the effective hp of the harder but it does show the cap effects. I was wondering if there was something wrong because the active ship fitting window assumes all the modules are running unless they are offline. I guess it supposed to be this way. Thanks for replying.

The fitting window will not show the bonuses from active modules. The simulation window does, so does Pyfa.

Since you have to activate the module, you will not see the specific effects of the bonuses in the non-simulation view, but the Cap simulator in the main view will still account for ‘if all activation-capable modules are on, what is my cap status?’

Switch to Simulated view and you can see the effects of the module when it is active (green), overheated (red), offlined (faded), or online but inactive (no color effects).

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