Toggle between hp and ehp (ingame fitting tool)


I would be nice to be able to see the EHP/s for the following functionality in the fitting window:

  • Passive Shield Recharge
  • Shield Boost
  • Armor Repair
  • Hull repair rate

Also, it would be nice to be able to see the total EHP per tanking strategy (shield, armor, hull).

Some other ideas:

  • A tracking tool that can simulate the potential DPS against small, medium and large targets (at slow, medium and fast speeds). Perhaps these controls could be sliders that have notches in them to designate a “typical” signature radius/speed.

I understand that Pyfa already provides this functionality, but definitely the EHP/s would be nice to have ingame.

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EHP vs what though?

If I’m fighting Guristas who deal like 90% Kinetic damage then I’ll get one number, but if you just assume even damage across all types you get another.

I get that this stuff would be nice to have, but tools like Pyfa built this stuff up over years, and CCP has a lot more to worry about.

Real HP per second for passive recharge is displayed in the fitting window but it’s also kinda wrong and so would EHP be. Shield recharge varies on a bell curve dependent on remaining shield. If memory serves recharge peaks at about 35% shield remaining and at about 2.5 times your base recharge rate.

That may have changed though, it’s probably 15 years since I’ve flown a passive tanked ship.

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EHP is highly situational, and adding the functionality to properly assess it would be incredibly labor-intensive for very little benefit when out-of-game tools have been deployed to effectively deliver this information.

Would it be nice to have in-game? Yes. Is it an efficient use of limited developer resources? Not really, especially when it has to be kept up-to-date with underlying code changes - in this case, it really is more effectively maintained as a third-party labor of love vs a CCP embedded application inside EVE.

I recommend downloading PYFA and getting to know its modeling tools, which will let you create custom target profiles and evaluate your ship’s performance against said targets, including comparing multiple fits/ships to see which best suits a given enemy.

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That’s still correct, though I believe the fitting window shows peak recharge value, not just the base recharge.

Also, to somewhat sabotage my own point, there’s already an EHP value in the UI, but it has all of the problems discussed here. Frankly it’s just not very useful unless you’re fighting something like Incursion Sansha that literally deal roughly even damage between their various weapons.

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