EHP and EHP/s Tank Calculator

The ingame fitting tool is great, you get a rough EHP and are told your HP/s from your active tank. That being said I was more curious about my EHP per damage type and my EHP/s that my active tank gives me. I made this Sheet that calculates both. Better helping me see how the holes in my resistance really affect me and where my tank shines. Being that the EHP/s is also calculated per damage type I can also see how my active tank can match up for every damage type. I include an average and worst/best case Colum for quick referencing .

Feel free to copy into your own sheet so you can edit it and see how your tank does

Nice piece of work - not least of which do you can understand the was improving resistance can often be a better approach than just adding more raw HP.

The in-game simulator is OK, buy factoring in the impact of resistance isn’t its strong point. I recommend a look at PYFA which has for a long time been the tool many use outside of the game.
If you log your characters with it it’ll pull their skills down and slow you to pass fittings in and out the game.


Thanks. I’ll give PYFA a look. I heard it calculated EHP/s, the main thing I care about being an active tank but didn’t hear anything about per damage type.

Gave PYFA a look. Amazing tool, probably wouldn’t have seen it if you didn’t post about it. Seems like my calculations were on point. Like I thought PYFA doesn’t break down by damage type so there’s no way of knowing how your tank performs against its worst damage type

You can set incoming damage type in in pyfa to see stats against specific enemies.


Yes and no. Yes, PYFA does not present this data explicitly- but that is because very few encounters deal damage of one exclusive type. Instead, PYFA allows you to specify what you are fighting (be it NPC ships or a custom built fit for PvP encounters) and models your EHP against the damage of that ship. This is actually more accurate as to ship survivability than pure per-type damage modeling.

Example (dated!) of NPC damage dealt-by-type variances:

EVE Uni article on Weapons, which addresses damage type variance on Player weapon modules:


ooo Ty

Sure thing! I hope between PYFA modeling and your own work you have a lot of fun with scenario examples - and thanks for sharing your work with the rest of us.


Good luck - you’ll do well in Eve.

The best way of resisting a Gank is to maintain a good awareness of what is happening around you and to fly within sensible limits - a paper thin hauler with a hundred million ISK in it is a dead target. A pilot that watches for spikes and changes in local will avoid getting jumped.

Another tool:

DotLan is a good map and information tool - an area with large number of kills may be worth avoiding if you are flying something valuable.
If you need help in game feel free to reach out. I suspect any of the regular helpful souls here will make the same offer.

hp/s / unresisted %
eg. repair 100 hp/s at 75% kinetic resist .
100 / .25 = 400 dps kinetic tanked .

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