How long will EHP last?

I’d like to evaluate how much dps EHP can tank. Is it 1:1 ratio meaning if you have 100EHP and 10DPS received will it take 10s to pop?

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google “eve guide ehp” gives

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And now for a very Eve answer:
Yes and no.

Yes. If the damage hitting you is even across the four damage types (Electro-Magnetic, Thermal, Kinetic and Explosive). 1k EHP will stop 100dps for ten seconds. Or so.

And No, because in practice the incoming damage is rarely evenly split. Different weapon systems do different damage types.

The convention with EHP is normally to give it against even damage since unless you know what you are facing and have applied resistance against it, anything else is speculation. A lot of the out of game tools enable you to change in incoming damage type to see how you hold up in reality.

And it’s more complex than that because the shields, armour and hull all have different resistance profiles. So will fail at different rates.

Treat EHP as a useful comparison rather than a religious figure.


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That’s for sure. It’s not even immediately clear what constitutes a good EHP. Like is 30k good. Is 100k. Is 300k? Same for DPS. Like what percentile is a dps of 1500. For instance

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Like pretty much everything in EVE, it depends. Are you a small sig tanking frigate? 6k EHP might be a huge amount. Do you have 6k EHP in your cruiser? You’re going to die pretty fast.

It depends. EHP is only an estimation based on getting damaged by a source that has evenly split damage types. However, your resistances are rarely equal and damage sources are rarely equal either so this estimation might be off.

If your fitting screen shows 100EHP and you’re getting damaged by 10 DPS evenly split damage, you’ll live for 10 seconds indeed. But if it’s EM damage and you have relatively high EM resistances in the tank type you’ve got most buffer, you’ll live more than 10 seconds. If he’s shooting in your ‘resist hole’ you’ll die much faster.

This is why it’s useful to know damage types of weapon systems and know the resistance holes of ships.


Ok so EHP doesnt figure in the dmg type? Have to so that yourself?

What would you consider a good maxed resistance for any dmg type? 95% 99.5% etc. What’s limits? Knowing to be more broad that max has to come down across the board.

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Welcome to the rabbit hole!
We’ll all move up since it’s nice and cosy down here!

There’s no “A cruiser should have 20k EHP” sort of guidance. Some ships are fragile - stand-off fleet support cruisers for example. An Arbitrator handles incoming damage by disrupting the enemy’s weapons, so doesn’t need as much armour. Minmatar ships are fast and use speed to reduce the incoming damage.
An in your face brawler will be a lot tougher.

So saying, a frigate is about 4k EHP. A destroyer, maybe 8k, a cruiser 15-20k EHP. Battlecruisers, 50k EHP, Battleships 80-150k. Typical hand waving amounts. Skill, hull and purpose dependant. You may trade EHP for firepower for example (glass cannons).
If you know exactly what you are facing, then putting 90%+ resistance in those damage types can give a very tough tank.

Resistance. It’s going to be about 50-60% across the relevant part of your defence. Don’t mix shield and armour fits - good complicated reasons. Focus your design. Fill any resistance holes (so if you’ve 60% across the board, but thermal us at 40% think of fitting a thermal specific module or rig).

Bur as others have said - there are good online references to this sort of thing.


This makes sense. But playing around with some fits I couldnt see how to maximize shield? What’s good low slot shield if power capped already?

I have budgeted for 40second capacitor drain. But that is irrelevant except to say that I am ok with not being cap stable. I just dont know what good low slot shields modules there are


So if I understand this correctly:

Then to survive 160,000 damage you would need 40,001EHP with 75% resists in whatever damage type was dealt? (The 40,001 one is for the last hp to stay alive.)

No EHP is already calculated WITH resistance, that is why it is called effective health point EHP.
you will need 40001 RAW HP and 75% resist.

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Thanks for the clarification, dayum those catalysts pack a punch lol.

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Shields have a number of factors.

The lowslot module helps passive recharge, rig slot modules are worth using. There a rig that reduces CAP usage of all active shield modules, a rig that increase every feature of shields, but remember you’re limited to 2-3 rigs so its a gamble as to what you install

EHP is purely estimation, you can go HP, Resistance or both.
Resistance is focused damage reduction of one specific Resistance(eg EM Shield Resistance)
HP is just damage soak till its gone, for shield, Armour or Hull.

Resistance will make HP last longer, that’s providing enemy is attacking you on that resistance.
If a ship with no shield resistance of any sort is hit be Amarr Lasers will loss shield hits at 1 to 1 ratio for every EM point of damage, plus what damage from Thermal after shield resistance damage reduction.

Even though its true not to mix armour and shield tanking there is an exception, and that is mounting EM shield resistance, specially for transporters and indy ships, or if you’re flying between station as this jgives you EM protection from EM smartbomb gate campers or gankers.


And keep in mind the damage type. For example if you are only worried about catalysts you would be trying to maximize your kinetic and thermal resists, and invest less in EM and explosive resists.

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I’d need to know what ship you were fitting - some ships are better shield fitted, some better armour fits. Some can manage either. In general, more mid-slots than low-slots and it’s a shield tanker - but that’s a rough guide.

If you put a lot of shield extenders in (or plates) you’ll quickly bump up against the Power Grid limit (hint: train the fitting skills - they aren’t exciting but incredibly useful in the long run). Fitting for resistance is similarly CPU intensive. Active tanks, passive tanks and buffer tanks are options. Understand what it is you are building rather than just watching the EHP figure.
I’ve got ships designed to take on Blood Raider defence fleets - who deal EM and Thermal damage only. The list EHP figure isn’t that spectacular, but against a Blood Raider profile I’m well over 200k EHP buffer tank; and the resistance profile really helps the logistics wing as well.

The trick to not falling victim to suicide ganking is to not get caught. Don’t go through known bottlenecks. Don’t fly anything that looks juicy (so no high value cargo in paper thin and slow ships), pay attention, set standings on the known trouble makers and common ganking corps. If a group wants you dead, you’re dead and they’ll take any loot they find.


Exactly, EHP doesn’t figure in the damage type. If you download and use pyfa (python fitting assistant) to experiment with ship fittings you can select the damage type of the weapon systems you expect to be facing (useful when you’re ratting against a certain type of rats!) and see your effective EHP to that damage type. This functionality is not available to the in-game fitting tool, sadly.

‘Good maxed resistances’ again depend on the situation. For some ships good resistances are in the 90s, for some ships they’re in the 40s, and against certain rats you don’t want to waste any resources at getting certain resitances up at all so you could have ‘good resistances’ with a type at 0.

yes it does.

ehp is versus a damage profile. 50% th, 50 % kinetic vs catalyst .
You must choose the damage profile when talking EHP. Ingame fitting tool uses omnitype damage, that is, when you take 100 damage, 25 is explosive, 25 kin, 25 th, 25em.

Your EHP (on a given damage profile) is how many damage from that profile you can sustain before your ship resigns on living.

example, if you have 20/30/50/60 resists in shield, that means if you take 100 omni damage you will actually lose 25*(80+70+50+40)/100 = 60 HP in the shield. so if you have 1K shield HP, you actually have 1k*100/60 = 1667 EHP in the shield(vs omni).

now if you take 100 explosive damage you only take 40 HP in the shield. so you have 1k shield HP = 1000*100/40= 2500 shield EHP (vs exp)

Oooooohhhhhh is that the case!

Tell me more! : D