PvP ships and EHP

I know this is going to be a pretty broad question because there are so many different types of ships in Eve and some ships can be fitted multiple ways… but I was curious if there were certain benchmarks for EHP for PvP ships. In wormhole space, we have a guide that tells us how much alpha damage we need to be able to eat and how much we need to be able to rep to complete a site.

I realize PvP is much different than PvE, but I was wondering if there were certain benchmarks for PvP ships based on type of ship and type of tank (buffer vs. active)… and if so, what are they?

What do you mean with benchmark?

Benchmark: average and/or expected EHP of the ship. Like if I see a T1 cruiser where should I expect its EHP to be. I know there will be some difference since the T1 EWAR cruisers (arbitrator for example) is different than a T1 damage dealing cruiser (Maller).

It really depends on the fit and pilot skills. A cheap, low skilled stabber pilot might have as little EHP as 10k, while with much better skills and a t2 fit that number can be brought up to 16k.

Also, T1 cruisers isn’t really a benchmark. The average poorfit tackle stabber has around 12k ehp, while the average t2 caracal has about 30k. Most fleet gilas running triple LSE + double invulns + t1 rigs can hit 80k ehp.

You should not try to measure ship vs ship combat that way. Fitting a ship in EVE is an art-form.
There are some good artists out there and most people look at those artists to provide them with their art.
You can fit an Arbitrator to have more tank than a Caracal if you want but also as light as a destroyer.
When you begin to learn how to ship vs ship combat that is player piloted, you may run into aspiring artists and seasoned pvpers and everything in between.

Older artists like me run into problems regarding that. Sometimes I don’t even bother to engage because I know the many ways a ship can be fitted, thus also know in advance how my chances are.

What you need to learn is how to pick your fights that favor your ship and act accordingly.
Take a ship you like, say an Arbitrator and go out there. Just be aware of what you can fight and what you cannot fight.
You can fight more frigates but be careful with assault frigates and most t1 and t2 destroyers.
Stay away from cruisers with that ship for now.

OP, your question has no sense
because “it depends”
example : are you solo or in a fleet with logis?
example : some ships use sig tanking, where raw ehp has less importance
example : facing 150 muninns or facing 2 confessors? If you are in a subcap facing 150 red muninns, there won’t be any “benchmark” for ehp

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