So... Total Dmg: 36K, on a 100K ship?

Hi Guys!

I’m pretty much a senior to this whole game, but I do have a question regarding my damage in/output.

Seems, my resses, bonusses and skills isn’t included in my game? Anyone can explain this?

I have made these two screenshots; as you can see, my ship - same ship, simulated - runs with EHP of just above 100K, but, as on the other pic, I have a total damage taken of 36K - The value of the ship in it’s raw shape…? - Anyone can explain this to me? - I don’t like being handicapped to bits flying in PVP, and having spend 6 years honing these skills, I’d like to use them; any way to explain this?



I believe, but may be mistaken, that EHP calculates being shot at to the strengths of your resists, if you were shot at by pure EM or Explosive damage for example, the actual EHP is way lower.

EHP is raw hitpoints+ resistances, your ship took 36k raw damage.

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Effective “Hit Points” is calculated like this:

EHP = Raw HP / (1 - AvgResist)

Example (your simulated fit):
Shield HP = 21,358; AvgResist = 74.25% (0.7425); Shield EHP = 21358 / 0.2575 = 82,943
Armor HP = 4062; AvgResist = 43.25% (0.4325); Armor EHP = 4062 / 0.5675 = 7,157
Hull HP = 4687 ; AvgResist = 60% (0.6); Armor EHP = 4687 / 0.4 = 11,717

Giving a total (average) EHP equal to around 101,817


EHP is the combined hp of your ship plus the resists. The killmail will only show the raw hp damage.

The reason why this is so, is because resists change the amount of damage someone needs to apply to you in order to destroy you.

Let’s say you have 10,000 shield hp, and zero hull and armor, just for examples sake. You have an omni resist of 50 percent for your shields. Your EHP will be 20,000, because that is the amount of damage someone will have to apply to you to destroy you.

Let’s say my beam weapon does 10,000 damage, exactly. When I fire at you, I only deal 5,000 damage, because your shields have a resistance of 50%, which means half the damage is negated.

First shot:
I fire my beam that deals 10,000 damage.
My beam weapon damage: 10,000
You have 50% resist, so you only receive 5,000 damage.
Your Remaining hp: 5,000/10,000

Second shot:
My beam damage is 10,000 again.
You recieve 5,000 damage.
Your ship is destroyed.

Total damage from my attack: 20,000(this is a reflection of your EHP)
Damage amount that you took: 10,000(this is your actual damage, the one reflected on the lossmail)

It’s slightly confusing the first time you see your killmail. But yeah.


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