How are Hitpoints calculated?


I have a ship that shows between 16k and 60k HP, depending on the damage type. When this ship was destroyed, the killmail showed a total damage of 9K HP.
Why is the total damage in the killmail so much smaller than the calculated HP?


Thank you for the answer.

I was not aware that something like “eve-search” exists. I tried the search function here in the forum but did not find an answer (maybe I searched for the wrong words)

I can’t find any related topics when I search for “effective hitpoints” either. Tip: Don’t rely on forum searches or a specific site, just use your preferred search website. I found tons of results for “eve online effective hitpoints” with my preferred search website.

Side-note to that: it may need some time to train your preferred search website. In the beginning you might find some of the hits on page 3, but it’ll learn.

The resists section may be helpful in explaining some of what you’re asking; at least as far as the game goes.

If something has 90% EM resist and 10,000HP then it will take 100,000 damage to destroy it with EM damage. This means the EHP vs EM is 100,000. On the kill it will show 10,000 damage taken because that’s the damage that went through after damage reduction is applied. The ship effectively absorbed 100,000 raw damage before exploding even though it only had 10,000 hit points and that’s why we call it Effective Hit Points, or EHP. I hope this example helps.

I think it would be neat if kill mails calculated damage negated due to resists, or raw damage taken.


Yeah some years ago I got into some rare Serpentis escalation with an exploration ship - and this was before SoE exploration-specific ships. I used a high resists shield tanked Cyclone, BS-sized shield extender, and speed tanking for years with that thing, but after a battle that lasted 2 hours with these Serpentis whose names I never saw before, finally lost the ship and the damage taken was over 100K. I saw that and thought it was a bug of sorts because the ship was a glass tank even with the BS-sized shield mod.
This was usable for nullsec and WH radar sites when it was possible to hack and loot without having to kill the NPCs back then before the “you can’t loot it while it’s being defended” change was made. Then came the SoE ships…
(excuse the nostalgia… )

Thank you all for your answers. Now the difference between the EHP in the fitting tool and the HP in the killmail is clear for me.

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