Theoretical DPS to break tackle EHP?

Can someone break down the dps needed to typically break a tackler’s ehp?

And please run thru all the possible tackles. I dont really know any except from the evewiki

LOL, you’re hilarious!

This link should get you started.

Good luck!



No man. I already read the tackle pages. But obviously none of them are going to say “usually a frig has 1pt and an interceptor 2”.

And none of them say things like usually a “frig needs 100dps to break it.”

Etc … so what is it?

And that is because, like with many many things in Eve… it is entirely dependent on how the ship is fit, which depends on what the person fitting it felt like doing at that particular point in time.

You shouldn’t need this pointed out to you, at this stage, but you seem to feel like there is a ‘standard way’ to do all these things, there isn’t… unless you’re in an alliance/corp which specifies how they want you to do things, at which point, you’ll have the fits so can work it out.

It depends.



Yes so hence a discussion.

Theres a best fit for each hull. We can start there and work backward.

Oh is there? Pls do share.



You know there is. Hulls are purpose built and have narrow fits. You misfit and your hull is just trash.

I’m surprised you’re even challenging this?

What do you mean when you say how much dps is needed?

All situations are different so really it’s impossible to tell you numbers that will work all the time. In fact, dps probably wouldn’t be what you should be focusing on…For example, if an interceptor tackles you and orbits you at 25km, and you’re in a close-range brawling ship, you’re never going to hit him anyways so even if you have 1000 dps it won’t matter. Or if you are flying a 720mm artillery hurricane fleet, if you don’t have a web you will never be able to track ab frigs that are orbiting you at 500m without a web, so it doesn’t matter how much dps you have.

Also there are so many “tackle” ships, it’s impossible to tell you which one to prepare for. For example, you might be able to kill an inty, provided that you are tracking him, in a couple of shots in a cruiser but you will still have a hard time with a hard tackle ram jaguar/assault frigate. Can you see what I’m saying here?


Hmmm… are you suggesting that perhaps


I know right! Ahh good times on the forums! lol



as people above already replied to you: it depends, there is no “best fit” and your question is AS USUAL too vague.
There is another thread for example, where you ask somethg like “how much isotope do you mine doing ice mining with a usual fit”, without focusing on a specific mining ship type nor
giving any setting (null sec? boosts? etc.).
And, as usual, people will answer you “it depends”.


I’ve pretty much already resolved that question definitively.

You guys with your “it depends” must just not know.

Certain ice has set amounts of isotopes.

I already took it a step further, ran the base numbers in ratio against the amount needed for fuel blocks, and then weighted it by how much that amount costs at Jita SO in proportion of cost of inputs for a fuel block.

Giving me a true value of what should be mined. And it aint isotopes even though they represent 1/3rd of value of all inputs.

(The reprocessing turns out to be a constant and can be removed. You might think cycle time matters but that’s a constant as well, so can be removed.

All that matters is what is the MOST RELATIVE VALUE. PERIOD)

You guys just sit there and twidle your dingle-lings like this stuff can’t be worked out.

Basically, you want other people to run the numbers on every single possible tackle frigate, with their “optimal fits”? Why don’t you go figure it out yourself, since obviously we can’t figure out these “optimal fits”


I ran the damn numbers myself on Isotopes because everyone here is too ignorant to understand how to filter “variables” through a constant.

This is true of fits too, I have experience in markets, processes, and bottom-lines, I have less experience in hulls and fits. So it’s NORMAL to ask people to give me their experiences.

It’s just tedious dealing with average-IQs who can’t figure out basic ratios and how to compare something against a constant so they aren’t constantly answering “it depends”.

No…it doesn’t depend.

Find a flat baseline and work with that. Best-fit is a flat baseline…ignore scenarios for the time being.

Start with for instance a Frigate, then say its best tank will work out to X and its powergrid will support 3 points but not 4 points, etc. And it’s max range will probably be Y.

See? Starts to get easy.

Start with the tank, what’s the MOST tank you can fit on the most tanky Frigate, then say that’s the MOST dps you’ll have to do to break that tank.

Are you just incompetent?

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Why don’t you do it then? :thinking:
Give it a shot and you’ll figure out real quickly why everyone is (rightfully) saying “it depends.”

What is the point of asking people for experiences then?

Besides yours are always the same boring shjt.

“You don’t know nothing about Null, I’m a Null god”.

More like hiding under an umbrella lol.

I don’t know, you tell me. You’re asking for people to give their experience, and they’re telling you (with their experience) that it depends.

But then you flat out reject them and tell them they’re wrong and that they should be giving you an “optimal” fit or whatever, lmao.

So, why don’t you tell me?




Is there logic and data behind that or being an arse?

It’s theoretical. You wouldn’t understand it. But I can confirm that 128 dps would work.