Need your help with DPS / HP (EHP) math, please

Hi, guys. This is my Stratios in pyfa.
I do the first wave of Forgotten Core Data Field signature in C5 wormhole. According to EVE Uni (Forgotten Core Data Field - EVE University Wiki) I’m getting 430 DPS almost equally distributed Sleeper pressure.

On the field, before I pop first Sleeper frigate, they take out 2/3 of my shields.
Why, if I have 308Hp/s passive with rawHP 21.5K?

Then I’m trying to calculate their DPS myself and this is what I get:
EM — I have 40.1% resist. I assume 100%-40.1%/100=0.599 is what I get. Ok, 5 frigs each dealing 8dps + 5 cruisers 18dps each, right? Why 18? This link NPC Ships

For EM I'm getting this: ((8*5)+(18*5))*0.599=77.87

Total DPS I’m getting: 77.87+91+42+35.04=245.91
Nice, I shouldn’t even notice any changes in my shields with 308HP/s, right?

Please help me find where I’m mistaking.

you have big holes in EM and termal, kin and explo are not that good to
since the damage is omni damage you are better having close to equal resists in all
plus dont confound DPS with alpha
if a ship have 1000 dps and takes 10 seconds to shot that ship can do a 10k shot that will blow away your tank cycle or even your ehp if low
think about it this way ,autocanons do pew pew , arty do kabooom


I can’t tell from your screenshot, but you can specify the incoming damage type for Sleepers in Pyfa (the hamburger menu to the right of the Resistances section), and also have it calculate the effective dps you do on them (similar menu to the right of the Firepower section), simply by selecting Sleepers.
In case you do not have those profiles available, you can find them at PYFA - EVE University Wiki and follow installation instructions there.
Another source for the relevant numbers is Rykki’s Guides: Wormhole PvE

Looking at your fit, the important holes on your EM and Thermal shield resists are partly to blame. I’ve never tried that C5 site with a Stratios, seems a bit steep :smiley:

Hope this helps you on your way


While your numbers for their dps and your tank look about correct, your assessment of how the situation plays out is missing a few things.

First, alpha damage as tutucox mentioned. Passive shield fits don’t always heal for the number listed, thats only at the sweet-spot in shield health at 25%. Tanking - EVE University Wiki In practice, the high alpha of the sleepers will chunk through your shields. If the first volley takes you to 33% shields, you’re getting good use of the shield regen until the next shot comes in. However, that next volley will probably take you below your 25% shield threshold and your tank is broken.

The other reason why it’s so severe is you’re not mitigating the damage. From that fit (autocannons and no prop mod) it looks like you’re fighting them at zero velocity and zero range. The only way cruisers can usually take on high-level PVE is through signature tanking things with high speed, angular velocity and low signatures. Simply put, a stratios simply isn’t built for facetanking things that powerful.

You’ve got a cloak so you have control over where you position yourself at the start of the site, to try to snipe down some of them before they close distance and apply properly. Also an armor tank would let you push up your ehp/s a lot further than the shield tank, and a lot more reliably than passive shield tanking. See pic for a rough example adapted from a dual rep PVP fit.

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Well, according to the ships bonus attributes, it seems the Stratios is meant to be a Lasor Armor Drone ship. Since I’m not experienced with Lasors and Armor tanks, or with Drone boats either, I decided to refit your Projectile Shield tank fit and came up with this.

I think he’s using the passive shield fit to deal with the neut/nos pressure of the Sleepers. Active tank and active hardeners would likely fail.

A passive regen Domi or Rattlesnake perhaps?

DKVC - [PvE] Ninja C5 Sites - YouTube might help…

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Omni damage?

Omni meaning they are shooting all kinds of damage pretty equally.
If you would have very low resistance for example in EM, like 0% or so, 1/4 of their dps would come thru without reduction.

Some spawns may be shooting more thermal and EM than other kind of damage tho. its what I see from the dps profiles on those NPCs. So you would have hard time against particular enemies.


what she said :point_up:

in my personal experience c3 is the sweet spot for cruisers
you can do with a t3 cruiser ,t1 battlecruiser , or any other particular strong cruiser
c4 is on the razor edge , not secure at all , you can barely do with a t3 or navy battlecruiser ,battleship is more recommended , but them you have the mass problems , difficulty to avoid pvp etc …
i didi c5 difficulty content in a paladin few times , don’t recommend and doubt you can do it in a stratios

Katya Itzimaru idea of a speed/sig tank may work , never tried , but wen t3 destroyers were introduced in the game they were op , some dudes made very hard WH sites sig tanking in them , nowadays i think is impossible

Vulfpeck still regularly run C5/C6 wolf rayet sites in confessor and guardian setups. You can do solo wormhole ratting in C13s in a confessor too, I do it from time to time when the ones I have seeded have good sites.

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Thank you very much. A lot to process.

Well, I may not be familiar with those sites but the fit I posted is not an active shield tank. It only has an Afterburner mod and a Multi-resistance shield mod which can be pulsed to conserve Cap if needed. Even with those 2 mods active, the Cap is 79.4% stable. With proper piloting tactics that should be fine for most sites.

Compared to the original fit that was posted, this fit has lower ship signature, more DPS, higher omni shield resistance, quicker agility and faster speed. Personally I’d fit a couple of Faction / Deadspace mods on it to lower CPU needs and buff the ships overall stats. That would also allow one of the Co-Processor mods to be replaced with another mod, something to boost Cap or DPS, thus buffing the ships overall stats even more…

This video is the reason I do it. :+1:

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