Sleeper Damage

Hey Guys.
Just a quick question to which im a little confused.
Im currently running C1 and C2 WH combat sites.
The thing that is confusing me is the sleeper damage against my shield resistances.
As an example i see that sleepers do
(EM/The 35%, Kin/Exp 15%)

I have currently EM 71% TH 68% KIN 70% EXP 68%
So does this mean the sleeper would do 35% damage of my EM 71% resist.
Im struggling how to work out the damage they will do.
I understand if their damage was in numbers, for instance they do 100HP EM damage and my resist is 71% then they will only do 29HP Damage. But how do i work out if their damage is in percentage??

Any help will be much appreciated.
Common practice against sleepers is to omnitank. So you’re doing it right. It’s just some of their damage slightly differ.

For simplicity lets say that a Sleeper deal 1000 damage, before resist, to you in a profile of 35, 35, 15, 15, this means that the damage dealt is divided as:

350 (EM) + 350 (THEM) + 150 (KIN) + 150 (EXP)

then you have to factor in your resists and the damage is reduced to:

101,5 (EM) + 112 (THEM) + 45 (KIN) + 48 (EXP) = 306,5 (raw) Damage is done to your shield.

Your average resist is 69,35%


Thank you for replying

Thank you so much. This makes soooo much more sense now.

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