Resistances in Abyssal space and show info?


In T5 Electrical Abyssal space “show info” on enemy npc ship and it shows me 50% dmg resist to every dmg type…

since I’m in a T5 Electrical wich has -70% EM resist to ALL ship…

does this mean that even know it says 50% to all resist “show info” it is actually 0% EM resist and 50% all other resist ???

No. It means the default 50% resistance is reduced by 70%, not a -70% in total.

So its resistance would 35%. Instead of 50%

Clicking ‘show info’ on an entity that is not your own ship will only ever show you the base stats with no modifiers applied (otherwise no one would ever use damage-type locked ships in PvP!).

Secondly, negative resist modifiers work by taking the given percentage of your current base resist away from you current resist. So a ship with 50% base resist would end up at 100-50-(50*0.7) = 15% EM resistance.

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ok thx… 1 more question…

with TH/KIN I do 950dps…

with EM only I do only 770dps…

is it worth to lose 180dps just to change dmg type to EM in T5 electrical ?

lets say I need to do a total of 855,000 dmg in a T5 Electrical…

with 950 dps it would take 15min to do that much dmg

with 770 dps it would take 18min to do that much dmg

855,000 ÷ 950dps = 900s ÷ 60 = 15min

855,000 ÷ 770dps = 1110s ÷ 60 = 18min

however with EM I would do more dmg so my dps would be higher… so insted of 770dps I would do 1000dps or more?

855,000 ÷ 1000 = 855s ÷ 60 = 14.25m ???


So the way this is phrased, 950 DPS is your ‘paper’ DPS (i.e. the amount that the game and/or Pyfa tells you you are dealing assuming 0 resists). This doesn’t take into account resistances, so against an opponent with 50% resistances you applied damage would be 950*(1-0.5) = 475DPS.

Do the same calculation with pure EM damage and 15% resistances and we get 770*(1-0.15) = 654.5 DPS applied to the enemies.

So going back to your numbers, the Therm/Kin ammo should give a completion time of 855,000 / 475 / 60 = 30 minutes (you dead!)
While the EM ammo should give you a completion time of 855,000 / 654.5 / 60 = 21.8 minutes (you dead!)

  • I suspect your HP estimate may be a little out as this also assumes no time spent ‘not shooting’ the hostiles.

It is also worth noting, that the only entities in Abyssal deadspace with perfectly even 50% resists are the drifter battleships and cruisers. Sleepers also have even resists, but not 50%. Everything else has a varied resistance distribution over the different damage types. Given a 70% resist drop, you are pretty much guaranteed that EM will deal more damage against all opponents, than any other damage type however.

You can see the stats of Abyssal entities here:

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