How to calculate the perfect hit damage?

(Zanthia Azizorra) #1

I have 87 overheated volley per turret in my Tormentor. And I see in combat log: 83 - wrecks. As I know, “Wrecks” means 300% of base hitpoints. I thik, it is 87 * 3 = 260. Am I wrong?

(Karl Poljus) #2

You forgot about target resistances. If you are hitting something with, say, 260 EM damage and that something has ~68% em resistance then only 260-260*0.68=83.2 damage will be applied to the target.

(Zanthia Azizorra) #3

You are right. But, thats an another case, I think. It was the line of my drone in the log. Sorry. The topic needs to be closed.

(Wander Prian) #4

What your log shows is how much damage you have done AFTER resistances.

(system) #5

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