Maximum tornado volley damage

Maybe i dont understand the mechanics of gunnery in this game ( although i thought i do ). How much raw damage can a tornado have ( with 1400mm Prototype Siege Cannons ) to deal a blow of 5976 in a ship with all the resists ( shield and armor ) at over 70% ? No matter what i try to simulate i cannot get past 13k ( and that with T2s and expensive faction fits ) which means a maximum of 3900 through those said resists.

implants… and the fact that the actual formula is complicated, and the damage is a combination of factors, included some random numbers related to the probability: under 1% of probability to hit the damage could be 300%.


ok, what kind of implants configuration can boost the damage by 60% ?

ok i did not know about that random factor. Thank you for clarifying.

Here read this.

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Just in case you will eventually wonder about this:

Target painters apply immediately.

Wrecking shots, which are like criticals in other mmo’s.

just to add a little quirk about TP and Sebos. if lock time is reduced after you start locking (tp is applied to target or you turn on a sebo) it will not actually reduce your lock time even though the numbers say it does.

I’m not sure why you are stuck at 13k as i can get mine over 14k and that’s w/o max skills. also as others have pointed out guns have more RNG than ECM

Tornado Damage

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